Eight Steps To Having A Successful Launch Of A New Product Online By From Scratch – Case Study Approach

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There’s no shortage of blogs, articles and videos floating around the internet about how to stake your claim to the Internet millions. What I do believe is missing is a simple blue print, a step-by-step plan on how you can go about creating a website, blog or product that could potentially earn you a full-time income, if not millions online.

In this article I’m going to share with you an easy follow blue print using a fictional product, an online guitar course, and give an explanation of how to start planning, executing and making money with an idea like this one. I of course won’t be able to outline every step, this will be the thirty thousand foot view of the plan, but everything you need to know after this is available online.

So are you ready to start?

Start Blogging

Blogs are by far the best social medium these days to post relevant content for an audience that wants to learn or understand something. In our example we’re talking about learning to play the guitar. So we would want to start a new guitar lessons blog. I won’t go through the process of setting up the blog how ever once the blog is up the basic idea would be to start posting good unique content in the form of articles or videos that your potential audience will be interested in.

Give them More then they Expect

There’s no two questions about it your lesson content has to not just be above average but great. It should go without saying that you should have an interest or be an expert in the area you want to create your product in. So if you have the expertise this shouldn’t be hard. For content I think video is the best medium as it gets peoples attention better then just plain old boring articles and text.

Build an Audience

This is the part that takes some hard work, but is very rewarding as well. You can get visitors to your new blog in several ways, one of which is the Search engines. By continuing to add new fresh content and videos frequently to your new site you will begin to start getting found in the search engines and receiving visitors. Other methods you’ll want to use include searching for related forums and posting to peoples questions and threads. Using blog search tools to find other blogs discussing guitar lessons and posting relevant comments with a link back to your blog. Also twitter is becoming a great tool since you can search what people are tweeting about and then post to their tweeter feeds.

Get Their Opinion

Once you’ve begun to gain some traffic and you have people coming back to see your new posts and lessons it’s time to ask them what they want to learn about. What do they have the most trouble with. This can be thought of as market research not only to keep your audience happy but you’re also going to be building ideas for your future guitar course product you’re going to launch.

Provide what they ask for

Produce more content based on the results of the questions you pose to your audience. Don’t be afraid to give away information it will still have great value when you go to create your product since it will be a ton of great information all in one place.

Create Your Course

You’ve got an audience that loves watching what you’re creating for them. They keep coming back and reading or watching everything you post. Now it’s time to take some of that great content and re-purpose it into a product to sell.

Creating your product could be as easy as putting together a DVD or membership area for all your videos in one place, or you could re-record all new guitar lessons for this course. There are tons of options when it comes to this point, and you aren’t just limited to one product

Start Marketing

You’ve completed your product now all that’s left to do is launch it. I’d say the fastest way is to make a new blog post introducing it to your already loyal readers and watchers. You can also place some banner ads and calls to action in your posts on your blog so that new readers and visitors see that you have a product for sale.

Another great way to increase your reach for your new product is to launch an affiliate program for the course. This will allow other website owners, guitar players and marketers to tell their friends, visitors, watchers etc. About your course and if someone purchases you’ll pay them a commission for their work.

So that’s it. Sure this is a very high level over view of a plan but it’s the basics of what will work to start from scratch, create an audience and make some money with your own product online.

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