Economic Collapse Here comes the Taxes!

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This vid was done about 4 days ago but I still wanted to share it some interesting points we could be getting a lot of taxes coming our way in the next year! Budget ax falls on New York 25 State Unemployment Funds Bankrupt; Credit Card Defaults at Record Levels; Look on the Bright Side Two Dozen States Unemployment Funds in the Red, Nine More Within Six Months More and more states on budget brink Massachusetts schools brace for deep cuts

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  1. purpleman173 Says:

    lol luv tha beard maaaaan

  2. empfeix Says:

    Ontario has banned all sports like that man, its not like thats anything new – they just made some stupid loophole to allow boxing in Ontario – the laws have always been the same

    They just have not bothered to make the same loophole for MMA yet – but I’m sure it will happen sometime.

  3. GrenadeChick99 Says:

    No. There is no way this govt will impose an 80% income tax. It would be REVOLUTION, b/c EVERYONE will be living in the streets (unless they own their home outright). It would make for a very rich “target environment” if they did. Also, if the govt started filling up those “FEMA camps” with the working class, then where r they to get that taxation income? If this current govt keeps on its present course ppl r going to start dying.

  4. SuperGozzy Says:

    watch alex jones he talks about all of this stuff

  5. rockotter100 Says:

    Amen to that!

  6. rockotter100 Says:

    They realize what they are doing. Its a plan of the progressives to cause an economic crisis.

  7. rockotter100 Says:

    There is no central organization, no leader to follow. But just think about the town hall protests over the summer and the march on washington by the “Tea party” movement. You had all kinds of issues that motivated people to express their anger. I see it as exposed fuel, all its gonna take is a spark, right or wrong, people are not gonna put up with the status quo.

  8. Speaksforthetrees Says:

    Stealth Taxes they are known as in the UK .

  9. thereallurker Says:

    Are you Amish?

  10. LiberalHuntingSeason Says:

    Yeah, sit on your ass everyone, jesus is going to fall out of the sky and save us, just like he did when….

    Like that one time saved….

    Ok, Ok, pray and have faith, just don’t actually do anything yourself.

  11. tdk1955 Says:

    Be patient our Lord and savier is coming.

  12. Lepiratepoulpe Says:

    In and security are taxes. So true !!

    And instead of selling cheap hydro to our fellow country men, Québec rather sell for profit to N.Y and the north eastern states. Shame on us!

  13. sickvenom1980 Says:

    shit! its wolverine.

  14. petiemac12 Says:

    END THE FED….Ron Paul for President 2012…Peter Schiff and Rand Paul for Senate 2010…Take our country back!!!

  15. FreedomForYouAndMe Says:

    Thanks for the mention. My source was a US Senator who was on MSNBC power lunch. The video of this brief exchange can not be found. And look at what has happened since: The Senate voted down the “Deficit Commission” and during the state of the union he mentioned he will sign an executive order putting this “Deficit Commission” together going around congress and setting it up anyway. It will be made up of 8 R’s, 8D’s and 2-4 members of the administration. I am right on this. Hold on here it comes

  16. awarepatriot Says:

    Excellent video – Thank you!

  17. Epic878787 Says:

    What the government doesn’t seem to realize is that when they raise taxes or inflate the money supply, people are forced to buy less stuff so that those from whom had been buying go out of business which further depresses tax revenue.

    That’s basic economics.

  18. dweber66 Says:

    taxation w/o representation has been the same for centuries

  19. curiouschem Says:

    @rockotter100….”we have just had about enough” a lot of people saying that. Are the people waiting for some special event? A leader to step forward? A cause to throw their support behind?

    Only one historical event in U.S. history speaks to “event horizon” status and that was the Civil War. Ghastly and the hell that it was, but we are no where near organized, nor do we have agreement on core issues. So, the governemnt reigns supreme, until bllod flows in the streets.

  20. curiouschem Says:

    Taxes, fines, fees, they are all on the increase from all agencies and levels of governemnt as they scramble to try and stay afloat.
    Each one screams for federal dollars to help them.
    Jobs is the main issue, but that doesn’t solve the problem of huge governemnt.
    utility costs are on the rise as well.

    thanks, for the video.

  21. izzyizod Says:

    I think Lindsey is right….but I know many don’t think what he says will come true.

  22. izzyizod Says:

    Thanks for all of the info!!

  23. Newmicon Says:

    Thanks for the video, will check out those articles.

  24. danratsnapnames Says:

    so, think about it.. the states are getting less tax’s because people are out of work.. so they increase them in other ways.. but people are still out of work and have no money.. those who are working are going to be feeling the pinch worse now, causing a compounding affect.. soon everyone who does have a job will be going broke while working. doesn’t work does it! lol.. why the states dont see this, is well, beyond me.

  25. nextdimensions Says:


    remember there is a big difference between ‘legal’ and ‘lawful’

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