Ebay Affiliate Promotion With WordPress & Rss Feeds

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www.my-affiliate-programs.com A method I use for posting affiliate driven rss feeds from ebay to my sites using the wordpress blogging platform.

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  5. MoeBedard Says:

    Good video. wordpress is an awesome and viable web design application that is free and it becomes amazing to use over even frontpage when enabled to become extremely user friendly. Check out my videos on my channel like How To Create An Author Box In WordPress, What is a WordPress Plugin?

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  7. theprotester Says:

    It would be great if you converted this to a computer screen video while you did your explanation

  8. latoywri Says:

    My RSS didnt Work On WordPress OR Blogger! what did i Doo WRooong T_T

  9. latoywri Says:

    IM LOOOOOOST! i dont know Crap on a long about using the Affilate!

  10. BrianOnVideo Says:

    Hi … Well I started out creating both bans and wordpress type sites. Today I will only use wordpress for a variety of reasons.

    I have created an ecourse with tutorial videos and an ebook about my methods if you would like to learn more:


  11. TheTube852 Says:

    What do you think of the BANS (Build A Niche Store) software for building this type of site?

  12. BrianOnVideo Says:

    Hey Lawbeat …

    It is not easy making a buck online when you first start off. However over time it does get easier, I am glad your finding my videos helpful. I am planning on launching a new internet marketing site soon and will be adding tons of helpful videos for that site (as well as some product reviews).

    Stay tuned 😉


  13. lawbeat3 Says:

    Yes, one of my favorite of the marketing-information people on youtube; there’s only a very few sharing info that an entrepreneur can actually work with and expand upon. I’m not making any money yet, but I’m learning and expanding, and it’s videos like this that really help move things forward. Thanks Brian, I’m subscribed, and am considering one of your programs.

  14. growgreen420 Says:

    5 stars. I dont trust ebay after how they treated sellers this past month but this video put alot of things into perspective for me as far as other marketplaces that offer affiliate programs such as amazon. I always knew about ebay affiliate but I didnt know it was possible to have live feeds and this opened me up to wordpress too which I never knew about. Thanks. I went to the link on the right of this video and bookmarked it as a thank you. Not everybody shares info like you.

  15. spriggs1665 Says:

    great video and you website is very imformative as well. Keep up the great work. You have been very helpful. Everybody is selling the software build a niche store and not the actual traffic or how to make real money.

  16. Buzzbang6234 Says:

    yeah that is all nice, but Ebay has been screwing people with their affiliate payments. I sure hope the SEC gets involved and starts penalizing companies that do this practice.

  17. BrianOnVideo Says:

    I have used both – of course the paid is better and needed for images. That being said I now use PHPbay – much better and easier to use.

    Check my site for more details – search ebay marketing on my site.

  18. ronaldec7 Says:

    Are you using the free version of CARP or Carp Evolution?

  19. stargate888 Says:

    very informative. I always thought that there was some way to convert rss feed to an html page. Thanks for the info.