Easy Viral Video Marketing and List Building

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Viral videos provide a distinct advantage in enticing subscribers to join your list building efforts. Videos provide you with the ability to present yourself as a knowledgeable person while building trust at the same time. Becomming familiar with the business owner has great benefit.

it has been proven that money is in the list, i.e. having a functional contact list makes you more competitive when new products are launched. In the past contact lists have been built using various ways, mostly by providing a reward for a signup or opt-in to an autoresponder list. These giveaways include free e-books, software or other products and now also viral videos.

The viral concept is based on the principle of gaining additional benefits for a small amount of effort. Your customers can benefit from your product for their own use, and for building their own business provided you make it possible for them to extend the benefits on to others. This allows them to generate their own lists as well. List building thus became viral, where a single e-mail to a single individual could be multiplied in a near exponential manner as each level of opt-ins continued to forward the offer to even more people.

A potential subscriber or customer is more likely to buy from someone they are familiar with. This concept has been proven through the success of using videos in various social networks like YouTube and Twitter to communicate and establish a following with the subscribers. It is thus crucial that you use videos to communicate with prospects to convert them into customers.

A very easy to use free video building software called Easy Video Producer has been launched. This integrated viral video system could be be very effective for list building. This viral videos system is unique because the software being offered as the free product has an integrated contact manager.

The viral concept is that you would attract traffic in a more personal way, offering prospects the opportunity to opt in and use the same free software that you used to produce the video. The new subscriber would in turn use her free new system to attract even more potential contacts to both her list and yours.

As in the earlier e-mail systems, the originator of the viral distribution of the free software would have access to every subscriber in the levels below him. What is offered is a system that provides a free and very simple laymans method of posting viral videos to the internet with a specific purpose to give away additional software to gather a fast growing network of contacts to build a relationship with.

In a nut shell, to use viral videos effectively for the average person there are a few essential elements:

  • Easy to use video production software
  • A suitable autoresponder to manage subscribers
  • A simple way of publishing your viral videos
  • Effective support throughout the whole process.

The easy video producing system seems to cater for all the necessary components required for building a list using viral videos. It is an easy system, costing nothing but the time spent, and can be used by experienced users and novices. Viral list building and business promotion is now available and within reach of everyone.

Easy Video Producer is available at http://www.jumbo-blogger.com/VideoProducer and Free Hosting with no strings attached at http://www.free-kiosk-hosting.com. “Using Viral Videos for Marketing and Promotions” is a Squidoo lens on Viral Videos where comments are welcome.


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