Drunk Old Asians (Vlog #86)

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  1. cowman4O Says:

    that shit on yo lip is some SHIT ON YO LIP dog

  2. nippygirl989 Says:

    lol the funny thing is that im hmong and i know that song they are singing at the end of the video lol

  3. Albel08 Says:

    its poppin!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 300Dylan Says:

    Your parents like karaoke. No racial.

  5. Purplepantzily Says:

    Thumbs up if you noticed Justin Bieber in the background.

  6. bbym0nkeyx33 Says:

    30! O: she so young <3 😀

  7. TheLilprincess209 Says:

    dude is that justin bieber??!!! lol

  8. AsianAirheads3 Says:

    thats a pretty tree ur yard looks like a jungle

  9. niccipooh Says:

    @G3N3 it sounds like 30 in korean too!~

  10. mrssushiroll111 Says:

    Lol ”shake that ass”

  11. StunninMuffin8 Says:

    @coolwhipspecial AMEN!

  12. ihavelunch Says:

    kinda like my family get togethers…except we chinese and more drunk

  13. kaepr2 Says:

    your moms has a hells bells bush haha..nah but really brew those flowers into a dark tea,drink the tea,and trip out at your own peril :]

  14. popcorntoes1228 Says:

    get it girl shake that ass….bahhhhahaaa

  15. TheOzawastyle Says:

    you still got rice on your lip… LOLS!

  16. purehawaiianboi23 Says:

    haha those are hells bells the tree next to yo mom
    Some major hallucinates man
    Yo family’s so funny man

  17. MultiNecrotic Says:

    Mrbugbear why you posting racist comments on everyone of TraPhiks videos. Only because they’re Thai doesn’t mean they look like monkeys. everyone looks like monkeys because they are the closest thing to a human you dick

  18. MrBugbear214 Says:

    fuck you ape man you should eat banana

  19. SaiLoMoOnTc Says:

    AhAHAAH.. Uพูดไทยไม่ชัดเลย

  20. disisallah15 Says:


  21. sexocity123 Says:


  22. CyrusTheBomb Says:

    @brina481 tell me about it

  23. cobaltnation07 Says:

    lmao lol this lady right here this lady right here this lady right here

  24. coolwhipspecial Says:

    His dad is the coolest man on the planet.

  25. VS26Tv Says:

    sup sup sup !! SUP ! xD hahaha

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