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Dreamweaver v8.0 Dreamweaver 8 is the program I used to make my website. I love dreamweaver because it was also the program I used to make my very first website when I was 12. I always loved Macromedia’s products but they were bought out by Adobe so Dreamweaver 8 was the last release from Macromedia. You’ll notice that most recent versions of Dreamweaver are CS3 and CS4 from Adobe. Macromedia® Dreamweaver® 8 from Adobe is the industry-leading web development tool that lets you efficiently design, develop and maintain standards-based websites and applications. Dreamweaver 8 provides a powerful combination of visual layout tools, application development features, and code editing support. What’s New in Dreamweaver 8 Dreamweaver 8 includes many new features to help you create and maintain websites that range from basic home pages to advanced applications that support best practices and the latest technologies. For a list of the features, see the Dreamweaver page on the Adobe website at www.adobe.com You can find tutorials on how to build a website with Dreamweaver 8 here: www.youtube.com See my personal website here: www.iweb.x10hosting.com (Updated) Link for the test website seen in this video here: www.test.iweb.x10hosting.com Top 3 free hosting sites with no ads 1. www.x10hosting.com 2. http 3. www.atbhost.net ______________________________________ All personal downloads can be found here http * I am the writer of all documented information found in this folder. Do not

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  1. IWEBProductions Says:

    Check tat the bottom of the description

  2. shehbaz123 Says:

    whats the song called

  3. IWEBProductions Says:

    you go on google and type free hosting websites. Most free hosting websites put ads o your website and you won’t be able to have a domain but a subdomain. A domain is like [.]com and a subdomain is like [.]l4rge[.]com. Subdomains just further advertises the site where you got the free hosting.

  4. nkiami Says:

    How I can get a free site ?

  5. IWEBProductions Says:

    yea, torrent etc

  6. tkdleeds Says:

    is there any possibilty yo download cs4 for free?

  7. tkdleeds Says:

    i did but still same problem

  8. IWEBProductions Says:

    It may be faster to just uninstall and reinstall

  9. tkdleeds Says:

    i have got dreamweaver 8 installed on my pc, but the INSERT TABLE option is not working anymore. i can do nothing. can anyone say how to make it work back please?

  10. IWEBProductions Says:

    Maybe you should read the book, “Dreamweaver 8 for dummies.” I’m not sure if it’s in there but it is a tutorial book. Download it at filecrop[.]com/14940642/index[.]html (remove brackets)

  11. M4RKii Says:

    Hi all,
    I’m after/looking for a proper Dreamweaver8 tutorial. – From the start.!!!!
    After hrs of looking and messing about I find I needed something that creates a ‘local net’, yet no tutorials which highlight this.

    So does anyone know of a tutorial which starts from.
    “So you have downloaded Dreamweaver 8, what you also need is…. .”

    <<<-- Getting to the point of actually buying a proper course. (If I was sure that started at the beginning.)

  12. Paulwander Says:

    Hey thanks for video and assistance. I just subscribed if it means anything.

  13. thecpudude Says:

    awesome =D

  14. serhad95 Says:

    @IWEBProductions thanks alot mate for information

  15. IWEBProductions Says:

    The difference is that they were two different companies. Macromedia and Adobe. Macromedia created flash, thanks to them you’re able to look at this youtube video. Adobe bought Macromedia out, so everything that Macromedia made after they were bought out took the Adobe label. Dreamweaver 8 was the last made officially by Macromedia before they were bought out. CS4 is the latest right now but it’s basically a hugely updated version of Dreamweaver 8.

  16. serhad95 Says:

    hi can any1 tell me pls what is diffrent between macromedia dreamweaver 8 and dreamweaver cs4 ? it seem same to me … pls let me know if any1 know about them private message me pls thanks for help

  17. serhad95 Says:

    hi can any1 tell me pls what is diffrent between macromedia dreamweaver 8 and dreamweaver cs4 ? it seem same to me … pls let me know if any1 know about them private message me pls thanks for help

  18. asji1000 Says:

    very very nice tutorial dear will it is working in adobe dreamweaver cs4

  19. MichaelSangco Says:

    wow you are cool dude… thank you for sharing…..

  20. TheDenzil95 Says:

    this is a bit of task of the vid but the desktop background is pretty cool 🙂

  21. chiku0934 Says:

    i just downloaded
    i hope i will learn from you alot thx for an awesome vid

  22. Demon13King Says:


  23. IWEBProductions Says:

    You have to Install. If you want a portable dreamweaver then head over to portableappz[.]blogspot[.]com

  24. Demon13King Says:

    do u have to intall or is a portable? can u tell me

  25. optionz54bord Says:

    THANK MAN, YOU ROCK! hope you make some more, good luck!

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