Dr Sues Restaurant Over Artichoke

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  1. sean112178 Says:

    @soccernelly – yep soon we will have warnings on; glass that says “do not break, causes cuts”, anything wood “may cause splinters”, knives “if used incorrectly may cause cuts”, shoes “these go on your feet”, wind “may contain foreign matter”, water “do not use near electricity”, and the best warning label ever “if you are reading this ask an adult before using product, if you are an adult ask someone who already knows how to use it or return product to store for idiocy refund”

  2. sean112178 Says:

    @enderwiggin42 – but if you ordered something new and didnt immediately realize how to eat it wouldnt you ask before you just dug in? or even after the first bone hard leaf went down?

  3. sean112178 Says:

    @TheEscapedBalloon – yes they should be removed… the same way a restaurant removes the bone from your tbone steak. and the same way when you order a chicken breast you get a pile of loose meat on your plate cause they removed the bones. to answer the idiots that will try and use it being a vegetable as an excuse i point out… do you eat the green leaf on tomatoes, the shell on peanuts, the leafs from pineapple, the orange rind, the pit of the cherry, the pit of the avocado, or the corn husk?

  4. sean112178 Says:

    you do realize that he will succeed… the lady that sued mcdonalds for spilling her hot coffee already succeeded and coffee being hot is something even a 5 yr old knows. so the fact that this is over a food that few have ever tried in their life makes his case instantly more successful

  5. madjimms Says:

    Trust the Gortons Fisherman.

  6. whitesquirrel7 Says:

    or nuts , oranges, bananas, pineapples…..

  7. Messyman16 Says:

    if you didn’t know how to eat something wouldn’t you not eat it then and later check out how to when you go at another time?

  8. CharinZain Says:

    @Ou8y2k2 lololololololololololololololololol XD °O° wut?


    wtf, they are jackasses, I never had an artichoke, it’s a vegetable, it doesn’t have bones, it’s natural to assume you eat it all, why should you HAVE TO KNOW how to eat it??!!

  10. farizzal Says:

    @Lobos222 Yea, IF the cook told you, that’s what I fucking said, if its being served to you, then the cook is thinking its safe, they arent going to tell you to watch out for poison, they are going to make sure its safe to eat, and the only way it wouldnt be safe when it is SERVED is if the cook made a mistake. How the fuck do you not grasp that?

  11. Lobos222 Says:

    LoL, go fuck yourself and you where replaying to me you moron.
    I can tell you clearly have full oversight over what you actually write and who you write too… and no, I dont really mean that because I am being sarcastic.

    If you knew what to look for, organs, skin…, you could tell if you where served a poisonous part and you wouldnt need to be a genius to do so. Basically, even you could have done it if the cook told you.

  12. okniceguy Says:

    Caution: Do NOT attempt to bite through the husk of a pomegranate.

    Yes, as a child I learned the hard way.

  13. angel198634 Says:

    i can see it both ways. You put a food on someones plate, say its what people eat, they will eat it. Then again, there is a degree of common sense involved. You dont NATURALLY dont kn ow how to eat a artichocke, but you can ask people as common sense. Ive seen people eat stuff wrong before. Nothing that damaged them before. People have sued for a lot less, let me tell you…

  14. ROsCoALwAys Says:

    OMFG did he just say the “R Word”? TWICE?! 😛

  15. MyTemporaryAccount88 Says:

    Yeah if he asked how to eat it and they said “Just start chewing”, then he might have a case. Hell nah.

  16. diamlierx Says:

    so who has the obligation to tell him he is an idiot is that the waiter too

  17. 12235117657598502586 Says:

    How the hell can he have chewed through the ‘tough’ outer artichoke leaves without either stopping after the first bite or as other people have commented, asked the waiter about the toughness of the leaves or how best to eat it???

    I’m mean please, what is the tongue for, if not to warn us that something isn’t right with the food?
    If I was the restaurant, I’d argue back that he either has a defective pallet or tongue, as well as a defective brain!
    Bon appitite!

  18. AguyUsingTubeyou Says:

    When I saw the title I read: “Dr. Seuss Restaurant Over Artichoke”.

  19. Ou8y2k2 Says:

    @TheEscapedBalloon Alright, call 411 or some other informational number. The point is, if you don’t ask, you look like an arturo.

  20. TheEscapedBalloon Says:

    I’ve never eaten artichoke, and neither do I know how to eat one by that picture of the grilled one, but why do they have leaves? Shouldn’t they be removed?
    Anyway, this is moronic. Don’t you know not to eat leaves? It isn’t lettuce.

  21. TheEscapedBalloon Says:

    Not everyone has a cellphone with the ability to use the internet. Maybe he was curious.

  22. quidproquo2004 Says:

    This a-hole must have had a smartphone to look up artichokes with.

  23. Joxman2k Says:

    If I’m paying 80 bucks for a plate of food you damn right I’m eating all of it! 🙂

    Honestly I have no idea how to eat an artichoke, and personally would not order it, but if I did, I would ask how it is customarily eaten.


  24. enderwiggin42 Says:

    How are you suposed to eat an artichoke? I love the “HAHA this guy, doesn’t even know how to eat an artichoke! What a loser” attitude.

    Some of us don’t give a shit about vegetables, and generally I would assume putting food in your mouth and chewing is the way to go.

  25. farizzal Says:

    @Lobos222 how fucking stupid are you. I was replying to someone who said that cooks should show customers how to eat puffer fish since it is poisonous. I said that since the poison aspect of it is supposed to be dealt with in the cooking process, IF someone was to serve a pufferfish that was posionous, they wouldnt know because the only way it would be served posionous is if the cook made a mistake. So he wouldnt know it was poisonous UNTIL the person ate it. Dumbass.

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