Down and Out in America (1986) 4/7

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Poverty, foreclosure, homelessness, circa 1986. Directed by Lee Grant. Winner of the 1986 Academy Award for Documentary Film. I ripped this straight from the original VHS. The film is currently out-of-print and, as far as I know, unavailable for viewing anywhere online (except here). Twenty-three years after it was made, the depictions of lives on the edge could hardly be more relevant.

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  1. MondoBeno Says:

    Reagan cut funding to programs for the poor, the mentaly ill, etc. So you had mentally ill people dumped into SRO’s with a week’s supply of Thorazine.

  2. erp65 Says:

    Yeah, but at least now, we don’t just bulldoze them. Progress, eh?

  3. BlackMask2012 Says:

    wow they even had tent city back then.

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