Dmitry Orlov: Peak Oil Lessons From The Soviet Union

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Dmitry Orlov, engineer and author, warns that the US’s reliance on diminishing fuel supplies might be sending it down the same path the Soviet Union took before it collapsed. In this fifth video in the series “Peak Oil and a Changing Climate” from The Nation and On The Earth Productions, Orlov, who was an eyewitness to the collapse of the Soviet Union, asserts that run-away debt and national bankruptcy will lead the US to its demise, just as it did for Moscow. As oil becomes more expensive and scarcer, the US will no longer be able to finance its importation and the economy will hit a wall, he says. “Sixty percent of all of our transportation fuels are imported—a lot of that is on credit. A large chunk of the trade deficit is actually in transportation fuels. When those stop arriving because of our inability to borrow more money, then the economy is at a standstill,” he says. Visit to learn more about “Peak Oil and a Changing Climate,” and to see the other videos in the series.

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  1. dinamo4889 Says:

    I am dropping out of grad school because there is no work for teachers. Unions are being crushed by republicans and democrats alike. Just like Dimitry I am Russian and very pragmatic which explains why I don’t see any reason to continue my education. Why get a masters degree if I can’t get a job in that field. Colleges have become the new ponzi schemes. One can not file bankruptcy due to college loans.

  2. selvmordspilot Says:

    Interesting analogy between the 5 stages of collapse, and the 5 stages of death.

  3. ljrow49 Says:

    I am in agreement on much of this except “PEAK OIL” is a lie. There is plenty of oil in the US, Canada and Alaska. Old oil wells are filling back up. Oil is not Dinosaurs A study published in Science Magazine presents new evidence supporting the abiotic theory for the origin of oil, which asserts oil is a natural product the Earth generates constantly rather than a “fossil fuel” derived from decaying ancient forests and dead dinosaurs.

  4. 4everhdt Says:

    @danfromabove dont forget ammo and guns

  5. b1akjak Says:

    I’m gonna get a cattle dog, & a black 351 XB Ford Falcon GT coup with some gas tanks hanging out the back window & a big filthy (fake) blower sticking out of the bonnet so then I can go chill out with Mad Max…who’s with me 😉

  6. lordkoos Says:


    Yeah you can get anywhere you need to go in the city, like to the store that will have no food on the shelves.

  7. lordkoos Says:

    A great and sobering presentation, thank you. A lot more people need to watch this.

  8. AMVayanefan Says:

    This is an awesome reality check.

  9. Democritus477 Says:

    @danfromabove Wouldn’t it be easier to live a low-energy lifestyle in the city, as you can get anywhere you need to without a car?

  10. Catherinearmant Says:

    Dmitry Orlov has awareness and speaks truth.

  11. Warsie Says:

    Ths was written too right?

  12. Ashenrei1 Says:

    Total Doomer. I see him as the opposite to the total cornucopians. Now we know where the extremes are.

  13. GregArdisonGardner Says:

    I think I’m gonna puke.

  14. Ratboy2004 Says:

    Pay attention to the small details he talks about. Think about it.
    Resource Based Economy is no solution. Simple balance and planning for tomorrow is really the only way. Any system will lead to greed and control.
    But today, in our culture (Western), we are spoiled. Can anyone imagine waiting in line for bread and water then going back to your tent? Think about it…

  15. vlada881 Says:

    He is right. There are many things we should forget and start moving forward with new reality. Be realistic and shut a f…. up 🙂

  16. vlada881 Says:

    He is right. There are many things we should forget and start moving forward with new reality. Be realistic and shut a f…. up 🙂

  17. Pertemba40 Says:

    Resource Based Economy is a long term solution. Watch the latest: “Zeitgeist Moving Forward”

  18. Yamakashi1 Says:

    or russian.

  19. Yamakashi1 Says:

    orlov? are you bulgarian?

  20. danfromabove Says:

    Become a producer not a consumer, learn permaculture design, buy a bike and learn to fix it, keep bees, retrofit your home for efficiency, water capture and grey water recycling, build a compost toilet, get to know your neighbours, smash your tv and buy some good books, get out of the city if you can, protest the bankster economy with direct action, keep 3months+ food storage, dump your debt and get some cash in hand, reject infinite growth ideologies. We can do this!

  21. 1977Melville Says:

    @jaxjazz. Buying a book on beginner’s Krav Maga and survivalism (It’s a Disaster).

  22. Moonshield23 Says:

    he hits the nail on the head

  23. RoberTastic Says:

    great vid

  24. nancy69ification Says:

    Second that – great to put a face…and voice to your always convincing and often funny blog posts. Hope your warning is heeded.

  25. neotoy Says:

    I know it shouldn’t matter, but nice to finally have a face to go with your phenomenal blog posts.

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