DIY Solar Power – Save Money, Save the World!

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Governments across the globe are frantically trying to put systems in place to help avert the growing environmental crisis the earth faces. But we don’t need to leave it entirely up to the governments to look after the situation, we also can play our part. One of the biggest ways we can contribute is to reduce our dependence on traditional energy resources.

The energy resources we currently use are non-renewable sources, meaning eventually our energy needs will out grow the available resources. These energy sources also give off harmful emissions, when they are extracted, refined and consumed. DIY solar power provides an alternative to these traditional energy sources. By changing the majority of our household energy needs to sources such as solar and wind power we will by default reduce the harmful impact on the environment our current energy consumption inflicts.

If that’s not an attractive enough proposition, DIY solar power also has the benefit of saving the house holder a lot of money. Conventional Solar power installations can be very expensive, with costs running into the thousands of dollars, many home owners are put off the idea as a result. Another benefit of using a non environment impacting resource such as solar is you don’t need to feel guilty about using excess power.

With DIY solar power, you not only gain the benefits of harvesting your own free energy resource you are also saving thousands of dollars on buying and implementing a traditional solar power system.

So lets not leave it up to the governments, lets start helping the environment and save some money in the process.

Dr Jon Elsdon – Solar Energy Consultant

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