D’espairsRay – Horizon (Covered by Jay)

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Learned by ear so no tabs sorry! Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com MySpace: www.myspace.com ALL COPYRIGHTS OF MY COVERS GO TO THE ORIGINAL ARTISTS, RECORD COMPANIES, AND THEIR AFFILIATES. Please support them by buying their songs and albums where available.

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  1. kottoug Says:


  2. TheKyoKito Says:

    lol, part of your solo gave off bass

  3. DementiaxGrey Says:

    owO oooooh amo como suenaa *A*

    wow :’3

  4. 20vtrueno Says:

    Jay still casually raping most J-rock tunes haha! This might sound dumb but how do you do the screeching/squealing? Is there a pedal involved? I cba to buy a pedal if there’s a way to do it without one lol.

  5. JadedGrey Says:

    Not bad

  6. Kryhs Says:

    What tuning did you use? Standard or dropped?

  7. neonick0 Says:

    nice this is amazing

  8. Furui93Shin Says:

    Corretion: standart :P… Already learned how to play it^^.

  9. Athaleth Says:

    man I’m deeply impressed….this sounds like 98% Karyu!!

  10. Zalazane1985 Says:

    great cover

  11. Hizumipyon Says:

    awesome!!! ;D

  12. SarmaIAjvar Says:

    Jesus. you are AMAZING D:
    you should go PRO !!
    give me your guitar skills please?? :3

  13. Furui93Shin Says:

    I guess that tuning is drop D like in other ”new” d’espairsray songs.

  14. heinygore2 Says:

    its a floyd rose trem its supposed to be loose.

  15. nemisis91 Says:

    what tuning is it in and can u at least tell us how to play the main riff

  16. ameury Says:

    your cover is awesome!!!

    your play the guitar like a star xDD

    i think if the Despair´s Ray listen to your cover, really their like xDD

    sorry my english is to bad xDDD

    but your RLZ

  17. SleepingGrumpy Says:

    i LOVE the cover your a musical genius. and i loved the little dance you did too.

  18. redsearose99 Says:

    lol yea he does

  19. redsearose99 Says:

    holy frikin dcrap man… your hand is like.. geez doesn’t your hwrist hurt a bit after that lol damn man you are amazing keep it up dont ever stop playing k ^^

  20. xXAngelBladeXx Says:

    Awesome! ^_^

  21. AidenVennis Says:

    Really nice cover! There are tabs available for this song btw, just use google 😉

    What’s with your tremolo btw? Why is it so loose?

  22. tokioturtle483 Says:

    i LOVE this sonq!!! 😀
    And the PV… o_o
    D’espairsRay i like one of my favorites!! ^^
    Like always,
    Great job. 😉

  23. maxence5211 Says:

    I love your vibrato 🙂

  24. Saiyurixx Says:

    Jay i freeekn worship you
    i love this song oh plz!!! plz!!!
    could you tab this out for me!!!
    ive watched so many vids of you your aweseome!! and that its D’espairsRay your even more amazing!!!
    kkyyaaaaaa thnkyou!!!

  25. xwhitecloudx Says:

    lol Jay has wrists of steel… good cover =]

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