Day Trading Stocks for Oct 31 – Online Trading Live

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  1. OilTradingAcademy Says:

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  2. quenarosima Says:

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  3. whozinyu Says:

    Sound like he should be independently wealthy, not a trader.

  4. whozinyu Says:

    What are your thoughts on the Lightspeed platform? Any thoughts?

  5. AnimeRawkZ123 Says:

    i need someone smart to keep me entertained

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  6. andyatm2000 Says:


  7. wallstreet1982 Says:

    what is the name of your charting software?

  8. samiabusaad Says:

    recordkeeping & trade evaluation, working on my plan, scanning & preparing for next day activities, etc. All of this take a long time…They say for each hour you trade, you should play on spending at least an hour in trade evaluation and all the rest of it.

  9. elvisuptown1 Says:

    16 hours? man what do you do in that time frame?

  10. andyatm2000 Says:

    Yes, I use trade-ideas and a sector watchlist.

  11. dafong31 Says:

    what source do you use to know which stocks are moving? Is it trade-ideas?

  12. samiabusaad Says:

    edmondublianda: I am a full time trader and I tell you the life of a trader is far from what you described. I spend about 16 hours a day. I would say you are right in your assumption that you will have a lot more flexibility once you become a trader, but it is still hard work.

  13. edmondublianda Says:

    Thanks for sharing your strategies. I want to learn to be a fulltime trader so I can have time freedom..and go to travel..scuba diving in Bali…biking in Copenhagen…bungee jumping in New Zealand..lounging under the sun in Mauritius or Bora Bora…what a great life..

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