Danger Areas in Employment Law

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Employment law can be a difficult area for employers to navigate and a failure to understand the requirements can end with an expensive tribunal claim. This can cost a company on many levels whether financially, in terms of productivity or indeed staff morale. There are four main areas within employment law where it is imperative to have good understanding:

Collective redundancy In cases where at least 20 employees are set to be made redundant at the same place of employment within a 90 day period of each other then an employer must advise employees that they may have representation and the employer must consult with those representatives. Failure to do so can result in the employee being awarded money. The situation for redundancies above 20 employees becomes more complex and it is in an employer’s interest to seek professional advice about employment law in this area.

Fixed term contracts Contractors have the rights to equal treatment to employees on permanent contracts and there are regulations in place to stop employers using ongoing fixed term contracts when the employee is permanent. After four years a fixed term contract converts into permanent employment and again employers must fully understand how to handle these types of contract fairly.

TUPE TUPE is in place to protect the rights of employees when a business is transferred or sold. It obliges employers to consult with employee representatives and to form an agreement regarding the changes. Whistleblowing Employees are protected from having to disclose information relating to crime, dangers to the environment or health and safety, breaching a legal obligation, a miscarriage of justice or failing to disclose evidence on any of the above. At NorthgateArinso we offer a professional HR consultancy to companies that require assistance in understanding the plethora of regulations and requirements under employment law.

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