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Dan Kuschell Dan Kuschell is a radio host on NBC, who is a marketing and sales expert in the field of helping people achieve success. With over 10 years experience, Dan has been helping businesses create profitable strategies and maximize profits. With books, seminars and teaching resources, Dan is able to empower people to go after what they want and achieve it. There are three stages to his plan which help identify obstacles that may hinder a company or individuals growth and help them to realize larger profits with a solid foundation from which to build on. Dan Kuschell is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Information Marketeres Association. He has been involved and responsible for some of the most success internet marketing campaigns. While he did not start out so successful, he realized that there was a strategy that would lead him or anyone down the path of success. He soon discovered the secret to turning a profit for any business. Through his success, he realized that he could help others achieve the same happiness and wealth. His inspirational and results oriented programs are custom tailored to the individual, small business or corporation. With a solid plan and execution, Dan takes people from small ideas to big profits. Success in finances is not what Dan is all about though. He brings prosperity to one’s relationships, health and quality of life. He has developed a Prosperity Based Living program that can change a person’s life and those around him. Strengths are identified, communication enhanced and goals achieved. Mastering of the Self is the key to ultimate success in both personal and professional lives. His positive strategies, principles and examples he has set have proven results. Happiness from financial freedom spills over into all areas of life. The constant struggle to make ends meet, to provide for one’s family and to feel a sense of accomplishment can be draining. Learning to use what you have inside to change your world and achiever your goals provides a better quality of life. Anyone can overcome obstacles and be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise.

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