Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s Fatal Crash (Live With Replays)

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This is the live footage of Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s fatal crash. Dale was one the greatest NASCAR drivers of all time, and he will never be forgotten. On the front stretch coming to 3 laps to go, Earnhardt made contact with Sterling Marlin’s front right fender. Earnhardt’s car wiggled but Earnhardt kept control and he remained in third position. Marlin was known for having a fast car throughout the race, and Earnhardt repeatedly blocked his attempts at passing during the last few laps. With less than two laps remaining, Darrell Waltrip commented that “Sterling has beat the front end off of that old Dodge (Marlin’s car) trying to get around Dale (Earnhardt)”. Heading into Turn 3 on the last lap, Earnhardt was racing three wide with Marlin to his left and Schrader to his right. In the corner, Earnhardt’s left rear quarter made slight contact with Marlin’s front bumper. Earnhardt’s car slid off the track’s steep banking, onto the flat apron, and then turned sharply up the track toward the outside retaining wall. As the #3 car came up the track it collided with the #36 Pontiac driven by Ken Schrader. Schrader’s car hit Earnhardt’s car just behind the passenger door, causing both cars to run nose-first into the wall. Earnhardt’s #3 hit at a critical angle at nearly 160 miles per hour. The right-rear wheel assembly broke off the car on impact. The hood pins severed and the hood flapped open, slamming against the windshield as the car slid slowly down the track. To most observers

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  1. nightmareman80 Says:

    watching marlins car it looks like it didn’t move at all, it looks as if dale came down into him triggering the crash

  2. redsoxownyanks8 Says:

    at 4:55 is that Dale talking or his crew chief? i cant tell

  3. robrien3810 Says:

    he spun earnhardt out at daytona wtf? u dont do that at daytona bristol yes but not daytona thats how people get hurt and that is also why Nascar has come down hard on the drivers in the past ten years about dirty racing like the move Sterling made that ended Dales life

  4. codeman1703 Says:

    It’s amazing that he actually died like that, 🙁 I’ve seen waayyy worse crashes where the flip in the air, start on fire, and a bunch of other things and they didn’t die. This is rele sad . . . . . . . :..(

  5. AndrewLargeman7 Says:

    @robrien3810 that’s a very ignorant and untrue thing to say

  6. adampincente209 Says:

    @mustang6172 during race week they close all the roads around the track area..there are police there making sure the public dont come through..theres one road i think where everyone walks that leads up to a big parking area..they do the samethings at the super bowl if you ever been to one.. good observation though..

  7. Phlmal02 Says:

    @abstract52 yeah. i got the point.

  8. robrien3810 Says:

    this is why sterling marlin doesnt race anymore because he murdered dale earnhardt

  9. abstract52 Says:

    @Phlmal02 ok. but you get my point right?

  10. CAR84again Says:

    abstract52. Using your logic, if a racer is next to the wall, going 190 mph, and rubs against the wall, the closing speed is 190 mph. Actually, it supports the argument that a car that remains the same distance from the wall is contacting the wall at 190 mph. Draw a vector diagram. Do the math.

  11. Phlmal02 Says:

    @abstract52 130 MPH +???? TRY 190 MPH +

  12. abstract52 Says:

    @CAR84again hey dumbass!!! those cars in the daytona 500 are almost always going 130+ mph. the only time they arent is a caution and in the pits.

  13. muddog665 Says:

    :/ he is missed rip

  14. Phlmal02 Says:

    3rd lap today gave me a very harsh chill down my spine with everyone at the track giving the 3 fingers. I was not there byt I even gave the 3 sign at home.

  15. TheMeathead4 Says:

    alot more would be dead if they did’nt have them neck thingies

  16. CAR84again Says:

    The math: Bottom of the apron to the wall is 40 feet. Maybe 2 seconds to get there. Figure 1 second at least. 0.007576 feet per 0.000277 hour, or 27.27 mph.

  17. CAR84again Says:

    Freaky. Shows how devastating colliding with a brick wall at under 30 mph closing speed can do.

  18. CAR84again Says:

    Freaky. Shows how devastating colliding with a brick wall at under 30 mph closing speed can do.

  19. Samsteria Says:

    he would still be racing today if he wore his safety equipment….. RIP DALE

  20. Missyemrox Says:

    This is so sad;( it was a mild car crash! Y would god let him go?

  21. COUNTRYMAN223 Says:

    to this day everytime i watch this it still brings a tear to my eye. i may be a guy but hey grown men do cry.

  22. MrUpchuck09 Says:


  23. jdiddy571 Says:

    @blade2000ss4 That’s what I was told by my dad so i don’t know what really happen except for what i put on my last comment so idk if he really did break his neck

  24. blade2000ss4 Says:

    @jdiddy571 You are correct up to the point where yuo say he broke his neck, that didnt happen, read the accident report.

  25. cutie60905 Says:

    RIP Dale, you are the definition of NASCAR <3

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