Customized Charity In Mind With Chocomized Chocolate

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Chocomize, a company depending in Cherry Hill, N.J., is the latest in build-your-own tastiness. Chocomizing means choosing chocolate and mix-ins, and having it delivered to your door in days. Source of article – Chocomize – Custom chocolate with a charitable twist by Personal Money Store.

Why Chocomize is so tasty

A basic yet brilliant concept is what started up Chocomize. There are 3 choices of chocolate and one hundred mix-ins. For example, if you need a cherry bacon white chocolate bar, you can get it. Chocomize is appealing to individuals because you are able to order almost anything you would like. If you want custom chocolate for an event Chocomize can deliver on that too. Chocomize also donates 1 percent of its proceeds to charitable organizations of the customers’ choice.

Customizing a big movement

Chocomize is only the latest in customized food. Companies that specialize in sodas, ice creams and multiple other foods have began customizing orders. The revival in handmade arts and crafts has been increasing the popularity of customization. With websites like Etsy providing online marketplaces, this “Makers’ Movement” is accounting for $ 1 billion a year in sales . You are able to expand this ideal to chocolate bars with the Chocomize $ 4 – per -bar candy.

Chocomizing it yourself

The fancy boxes and professional printing can definitely make buying from Chocomize worth the money for some. It’s much less expensive to just try making Chocomize style candy at home. Go to a restaurant supply store or grocery store and buy “melting chocolate” or chocolate chips and mix-ins. Set a crockpot on low, use a double-boiler, or put your microwave to work melting the chocolate. Mix in whichever you would like with the melted chocolate, and pour it into a wax-paper lined pan. If you need to be fancy, you could even pick up candy molds at any restaurant supply store. With less waiting and a quarter the cost, you are able to give yourself a truly tasty Chocomize experience.

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