Crosby Stills & Nash at Occupywallstreet

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You know when Crosby Stills and Nash sing for something, it must be big. It also signals the other side has lost, its over. At least that has been their legacy. They sang during Vietnam war and they sang ” Four dead in Ohio”. Their harmonies have touched generations and still evoke the same old messages of people power and change. It was a surprise I saw the them performing a free concert at Cow Palace in San Francisco after the great Loma Pirita earthquake. They were joined by Neil Young. That was long time ago and today they sound just the same as if time has not touched anything. The voices and the harmonies just the same.

Today they sang at Zuccotti Park and you know it must have taken a lot to get them and play this free concert for the people. Later they appeared on Keith Olbermann show and talked about Occupy Wall street movement which they say is just going to grow bigger and bigger as time passes. Its like monster waking up. Watch this video.

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