Criticise Carefully in Your Home Business Online Opportunity

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Continuing on from my last article I want to speak again about choosing your words carefully in your dealings with others. Very often, just re-arranging the words we use can dramatically change their impact on others. In Dale Carnegie’s book How to Win Friends and influence People, he advises that “changing one three letter word can often spell the difference between failure and success in changing people without giving offence or arousing resentment”. In my last article I spoke about how to approach giving constructive criticism, i.e.. start by giving sincere praise and honest appreciation. This approach however is often ruined by following it with the word ‘but’. Think of how much better it would sound if followed by the word ‘and’ instead of ‘but’. Following words of praise by the word ‘but’, conveys a lack of sincerity in the praise, rendering it useless. The hearer will more than likely see it as just a lead in to the criticism. Following it by the word ‘and’ gives the opportunity for the criticism to be seen as a genuine attempt at giving advice aimed at improvement, rather that criticism for its own sake. What you are doing is bringing to their attention the behaviour you want amended, without inferring failure on their part. How many times has someone praised you only to follow it by ‘but’? Your heart sinks. You know the feeling when you hear – ‘that was good, but. ‘But’ is like a signal letting you know that there is something bad coming. To become an effective leader in a home business online opportunity, you need to make that change. Use ‘and’ instead of ‘but’. It will be the difference between effective leadership and having no-one to lead!

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