Creedence Clearwater Revival – Ramble Tamble+Lyrics

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Artist – CCR Album: Cosmo’s Factory 1970 LYRICS – Chorus: Move, Down the road I go. Chorus Theres mud in the water, Roach in the cellar, Bugs in the sugar, Mortgage on the home, Mortgage on the home. Theres garbage on the sidewalk, Highways in the back yard, Police on the corner, Mortgage on the car, Mortgage on the car. Chorus Theyre selling independence, Actors in the white house, Acid in digestion, Mortgage on my life, Mortgage on my life. Chorus Ramble tamble tamble Ramble tamble tamble Ramble tamble tamble

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  1. libano90 Says:

    1:59 Start Stairway to heaven ahahahahahah

  2. aksalone Says:

    I like it how the song switches from polka to post-rock and back. Seriously – If you listen to “post-rock” bands that appeared 25 years later (Mogwai for example), a lot of their material sounds a lot like the middle part.

  3. bigdro712 Says:

    @m1nd0r ha hell yeah

  4. tamarahndrsn Says:

    this may be my fav ccr tune

  5. sonicsteev Says:

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMooooooooooovvve down the road!!!!!!!!

  6. stewcifur12 Says:

    @m1nd0r yah, the young John Fogerty looks like Han Solo a bit.

  7. yotem16 Says:

    When I was sixteen this was my favorite band,.while all my friends were into hair bands.

  8. m1nd0r Says:

    do you guys think too that main singer of ccr looks like han solo? 😀

  9. affirca77 Says:

    EXCELENTEEEEEEE cancion!!!…y uno de los mejores climas que he escuchado en mi vida!!!!!

  10. e666666y Says:

    best song ever!!

  11. fortheloveoftunes Says:

    Few bands have made so many hits in a 5 year period = 7 albums (1968 – 1972) CCR oh yeah! .-)

  12. rcknrllovr Says:

    awesome song from one of the best all-time albums!!

  13. rblet Says:

    Please tell me it’s not my age; the music was really better when…

  14. 101223 Says:

    @Vietvet1972 Bless you sir I was born in 1990 and may I say your generation was the only one that made music.

  15. Vietvet1972 Says:

    I remember playing this song in our HH3 . I was 19 and this would get me all fired up. I was a weapons mechanic and gunner with 21st special ops sqd

  16. Overeezee1 Says:

    so glad folks here feel like I do -possibly the greatest Creedence song ever….

  17. BeerMeister1214 Says:

    @Sebastos1 fuuuuuuuck yeeeaaaa!!!

  18. thrashybastard Says:

    oooooooooooohhhhh down the rooooooooaaaaaad i go!

  19. TeamMastaPr2 Says:

    After the 1st part of the song, I thought the song was over for the first time I heard it, then the Middle part started … even I never heard it before back then, it was still known to me! xD

  20. lekunberriko1 Says:


  21. mldebondt Says:

    One of the best pieces of work ever!

  22. stampeswe Says:

    sounds like jackass theme song a bit 😀

  23. harmike17 Says:

    Greatest Creedence song ever eh??

  24. MrFrankKey Says:

    Awesome tune by one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Cosmo’s Factory was the ultimate album. Every song is a classic.

  25. Sebastos1 Says:

    one of their best imo, love the mid part of the song (around 1:50) which keeps building up suspension, yeeeaaaah, CCR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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