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If you decide to create a blog or website and want to become an authority within your niche it is mandatory that you produce quality content. This content can either be in the form of blog posts or articles and personally I recommend both. There is several reasons that you should be creating content the first and most important is visitor and reader satisfaction. The second reason you should produce content is for your internet marketing campaign. When you create the article or blog post you can submit it to article directories which will allow you to place your websites link in the authors resource and this will help your website rank higher within search engines. When creating content for your website there is a couple things you should be thinking about. The content should be focused towards your niche. This means if you are running a blog about online business you should not post articles about fish or some other unrelated topic. You should also do your research to make sure that the content is accurate and will not hurt your blog or websites brand.

Once you start writing content it is not something that you will ever finish. Traffic will come and read what you have written after some basic internet marketing, but if you don’t have new or updated content then you will not be seen as an authority. If you want to be the expert or authority of your niche creating a constant stream of accurate, unique, and helpful content is the key. The problem is everyone thinks they know everything about their niche and can write as if they are the authority. True authority does not come from within, but rather from external sources. You will be labeled the authority when the other webmasters and bloggers in your niche label you as such. This means you must keep learning if you want to succeed online and never stop. Once your ideas become outdated or inaccurate then you can quickly lose your status.

Now after you have started creating content there are things you can do to market the content and your web presence. The easiest way to market your content is submitting to article directories. This will help your website in two ways. The first way is from the article directory itself. You will gain backlinks from the article directory and a little authority from being published within the directory especially if it is The second way it will benefit your website is when webmasters and bloggers need relevant content they look to article directories. If they decide to publish your article they have to publish the article with the author’s resource. I have personally had one article published over 10 times on 10 different blogs and websites. Not only did I get the links from the article directory, but also do follow links from the web presences that published my article.

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