Creating A More Comfortable Energy Efficient Living Space

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A new green trend is an uptick for solar thermal systems – not only solar water heaters, and also solar energy generators that use advanced technology to directly convert sunlight into electricity. This type of system will lower electrical bills and lower carbon emissions, leaving homeowners eligible for a Federal Tax Credit. The tax credit is 30 percent of the price of a renewable energy system; it works for both photovoltaic and solar thermal, along with small wind and geothermal heat pumps.

The 30 percent credit includes all cost of labor, as well as equipment costs for the renewable energy system. The credit may also be carried forward to future tax years if you cannot take the full credit in the year the system was installed. This tax credit doesn’t expire until 2016, so there is still time to get paid back to go solar.

During the last 20 years, solar electricity generation technologies have grown by leaps and bounds, registering yearly growth rates between 25 percent and 41 percent. While the expense of such systems has fallen by 80 percent, the payback period for solar systems continues to be fairly long. Nevertheless, combining the more attractive cost of the initial installation with the prospects for future increasing energy costs may create the perfect storm to launch the solar power movement of 2012.

Technology of all kinds is not slowing down for home improvement trends. Developers are coming up with more wireless home-monitoring systems that enable homeowners to control their lights, appliances, TV and stereos, thermostats and home security systems from anywhere which has Internet access. Think pre-heating the oven from your smart phone! The concept is to virtually control your energy use and create a more energy-efficient home.

Other present trends are not necessarily new nonetheless are still worth mentioning. Designers foresee a rekindled demand for steam showers, soaker tubs, mud rooms, universal designs and open floor plans. Plans for outdoor living area and four-season pools were also on the rise on a national level for 2012.

Color therapy LED bath lighting is another trend to watch for in 2012. This trend has designers using colored lighting to create desired moods. For instance, blue light is the source of true relaxation, calming in stressful times and indulgent towards the senses. Red, alternatively, stimulates and rejuvenates, creating a mood of excitement and activates circulation.

As for paint and wall colors, the trend for 2012 is moving from flashy colors to warm, earth tones inspired by nature.

In general, we can see the theme for 2012 is creating a more comfortable, energy-efficient living space, foregoing excess and embracing sustainable designs that can shrink our carbon footprint.

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