Courageous World War II Veteran Wendelle Stevens on UFOs

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UFO Hypotheses featuring Wendelle Stevens: UFO Crash Near Aztec, New Mexico: Chapter Two (premiered at the 2008 International UFO Congress on February 26, 2008, and WON its People’s Choice Award) In the seventh DVD of the “UFO Hypotheses” series, an examination begins of the history of modern warfare and slavery by a group of ruthless, genocide-promoting European banking “aristocracy” and the deeds of their corporate spawn, setting the stage for World War Two and the subsequent political direction of the United States at the time a UFO crashed in the high desert of northwestern New Mexico on March 25, 1948. Those in power who controlled the space-travelling vehicle of non-Earth origin were the representatives of this European banking syndicate, many of whom were part of the US military and US corporate leadership. This chapter introduces the farmboy from Minnesota, Lt. Col Wendelle C. Stevens, now retired, the world’s leading UFO contact researcher, and his odyssey from farmboy to pilot to high command in the 1st Army Air Force, which became the United States Air Force. Stevens was a courageous test pilot, and flew every type of plane in the Army Air Force’s inventory, as well as many Navy planes. This “Chapter Two of Seventeen: World War II and the Privatization of the Common Good” covers the years Stevens served in World War II and his astute observations about our military, our government, and humanity in general. Another in the series by Under

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