Cotton Candy Colors

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  1. kitty123456789ish Says:

    hey one thing try making a video about a mermaid look.

  2. isallaboutlove16 Says:

    i love it! youre gorgeous!!!

  3. ShannonsFashionChann Says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous!


  4. HLen96 Says:

    @bobblehead86 wow. obviously you think that you can’t be born with naturally long lashes. you’re pathetic.

  5. Amandaxlemon Says:

    @bobblehead86 holy shit! she is realllllllllly good at hiding the fake eyelashes band. i knew people couldnt just be born with naturally long lashes! (sarcasm)

  6. miesmarie Says:

    beautiful wow

  7. crazyyxasiannx13 Says:

    i love this look! i saw it on a sephora ad in the store and obsessed with it because it has my favorite colors.

  8. AlyssaStar09 Says:

    I’m going to steal your eye lashes!! LOL

  9. SarahPrincess21 Says:

    For sure. I watched your helpful vids, your so GORGEOUS! Where did you get your nails?

    Lots of you ladies reading this comment can’t afford high priced make up. It does get expensive extremely fast! Good news on MACs fb fan page they’re givin away a LOT of make up for free the rest of the month. 😀 If you are lazy, I can save you time, here’s the contest site.
    Oh ya, you gotta use the coupon code FACEBOOK4229 on page 2 <33

  10. 92lucyloo Says:

    theyre her real eyelashes, she said so in the video(:

  11. tiffanyreglos1 Says:

    you look like my friend hayley and my name is tiffany too

  12. bobblehead86 Says:

    thats really sad that you put on fake lashes and can’t admit it! lash blast didn’t make your lashes like that. cover girl is crap and test on poor defenseless animals!!!!!!

  13. sisturd Says:

    This is fucking cute 😀

  14. dawn2daylightmadness Says:

    That is like SOOOOO pretty!! I couldnt pull that pull that off even after watching your vids!! =P

  15. rj0002 Says:

    this was really cool ! looks great 🙂

  16. makeupbysaphora Says:

    yeah girl you have great talent and a beautiful face so keep it up x
    and ignore the haters they have nothing better to do.

  17. MiriamV5 Says:


  18. EclipseJulia Says:

    If you like bright eyes than check out my new vid! a purple, green and teal metallic look!

  19. TKmakeup Says:

    soo pretty, do you have any tips for me?? Im starting a makeup channel!

  20. naveess Says:

    you have like the most beautiful eyes ever!!

  21. InuYashaXKagome101 Says:

    You have AHmazing eyes! 😀 Your face is absolutely GORGEOUSSSS!!! <33 Love this look :]

  22. LaylaTheLostOne Says:

    OMG your lashes when you started the tutorial! They are just so amazing! And I love the light colors on you because it makes them stand out even more! 🙂

  23. jmo90011 Says:

    she is ugly

  24. tiediedude Says:

    you ugly

  25. staffyl878 Says:

    i love it!! <3 keep up the good work!

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