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  1. CameronBaxterFilms09 Says:

    @TheSalisburyForum Thank you for your comment!
    Please HELP KICKSTART our Foreclosure Crisis film “. We are applying the principles of spiritual truths to the unfolding of the American Evolution. Please join our Kickstarter backer community for as little as $1 and INSPIRE AMERICA to its higher conscience! Tell your friends!

  2. TheSalisburyForum Says:

    It’s Some War … folk just like you will enable “The People” to overcome the corruption that surrounds us.
    Hope all is well, and that your positive minds keep you strong.
    Good Luck.

  3. citizengoverns Says:

    You are Citizens and you will prevail!

    God bless you!

  4. sunflowerofpeace Says:

    This is sooo inspiring to me as a Canadian,to see people like yourselves fighting the good fight,would love to see this film on our CBC.From what I have seen recently maybe all is not lost and people WILL stand and fight.Personally the quickest solution would be to destroy every bank in this world,lol,but I guess the sheep would be worried about their”savings” and all the fearmongering really detracts from what is really going on, hope to see this,thank you,Bettina

  5. CameronBaxterFilms09 Says:

    If you are paying your mortgage it won’t happen to you. Check out our youtube channel foreclosurefree, and FB
    FB: Inspire America – discussions – if you want more info. Warm wishes, Connie and Andrew.

    Please join our Kickstarter backer community and INSPIRE AMERICA to its higher conscience! VALENTINE’S DAY DEADLINE. FEB. 14

  6. cherylcamargo Says:

    This scares me ……I have my house mortgaged through Chase….omgoodness..but it’s true the banks are doing this all over!

  7. MrPlanetwild Says:

    This is not quite happening in the UK, but the banks have ruined the country! I work in social care and we are being squeezed to death, and the people who need the most help are being denied . But those who run the banks give themselves big bonuses while we all tread water. You did a fantastic job with your video. I wish you both well, Gary.

  8. ronmamita Says:

    Peaceful non-compliance is a solution.
    If the people continue to allow the governments and international bankers through passive acquiesence to rewright the rules, then there will be another economic depression and global war. Where the only employment will be for the war effort.
    The time has arrived to stop ignoring the legal restrictions that are being placed upon each of us. Admiralty, maritine, commerce are the rules & statutes used to destroy our inalienable rights we were born with.

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