Collapse (1 of 9)

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This is part 1 of a 9 part documentary. Journalist Michael Ruppert details his unnerving theories about the inexorable link between energy depletion and the collapse of the economic system that supports the entire industrial world. Helmed by filmmaker Chris Smith (American Movie), Ruppert’s monologue explains how the lies and political propaganda fed to Americans by big business will eventually lead to global collapse of the financial system, world infrastructure, and the intentional genocide of a vast majority of the human population to decrease world population by the world globalist ruling class if we do not adapt and change our laws.

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  1. Rudeflem Says:

    …Or like Priests and Teachers that fuck children. I’ll gladly welcome the end to make sure you nerds are gone with me. Where’s your documentary?

  2. Rudeflem Says:

    …Or like Priests and Teachers that fuck children. I’ll gladly welcome the end to make sure you nerds are gone with me

  3. bucknorm Says:

    as long as there is corruption in this world nothing is going to change

  4. bind1967 Says:

    @Renegen1 I see it a bit differently. The founding fathers and our early leaders knew what corruption was first hand – eg the british and the bankers. They knew americans must be ever watchful and ready to purge the insidious influence from the corrupt and criminal should they ever gain power. Politics, corruption, manipulation, and influence peddling are thousands of years old. I think he was saying the people hold not only the power, but the responsibility to constitutionally overthrow them.

  5. Renegen1 Says:

    I’m just saying, if Thomas Jefferson really said to have a revolution every generation and a revolution against everything that you were told to believe, then it sounds a lot like the communist ideology. I’m not here for a flame bait, just an intellectual fact that communism idea(forget the central planning) also believed in overturning society and the old power structure, repeatedly. Interesting!

  6. metronomic1 Says:

    @meccacell The guy has flaws just like everyone else. Get over it.

  7. bind1967 Says:

    @meccacell Addiction is not rational. Neither is want and desire many times. Many medical professionals smoke and have substance abuse problems they fight with. I just do not think it diminishes the message he is trying to give. That’s all really..

  8. meccacell Says:

    @bind its really doesn’t. I find it interesting that someone that knows so much and is such a benefit to us all with his knowledge can smoke and he has to know the health risk. Its one of those things that make me do a double take like a muslim that drinks or holistic practitioner that snacks on cheetos …its odd but does not invalidate their knowledge

  9. bind1967 Says:

    @meccacell I fail to see how anyone being a smoker or not has anything to do with the subject of his research and experience.

  10. bind1967 Says:

    @meccacell I fail to see how anyone being a smoker or not has anything to do with the subject of his research and experience.

  11. meccacell Says:

    How can he know all of this and be a chain smoker???

  12. bind1967 Says:

    Because our world infrastructure is built on oil. Manufacturing, industrial, transportation, medical, political, governmental, and society and communities. It’s money, influence, power, and control. Make no mistake about it, the ruling elite and their political whores have been investing in and continuing ongoing research into sustainable energy sources to take over. Remember back in the 1970’s Jimmy Caters administration when he placed solar cells on the white house roof ?

  13. ignorantpnoy Says:

    @bind1967 Even if oil will be or not be scarce.. why are we still sticking with oil? How about water?

    If you’ll youtube “water powered cars” the technology is already available almost everywhere.. it’s available here in our third world country..

    It is because of the Elite doesn’t want us to look for any alternatives..

    Because they can not say that “water” is or will become scarce..

    They just can’t control a world run by water..

    Very simple and logical explanation..

  14. bind1967 Says:

    @ignorantpnoy Insteaed of believing everything someone says, you might want to do yosome research. Even Alex has stated not to believe him and do your own research. Yes, right now, oil is plentiful, but we are past peak production. Which means in the next 50-100 years it wil lbe so scarce that only the ruling elite and governments will be able to afford it, mostly to try and control us. THis is why we fight oil wars so we can sit our troops on that oil to protect it. Many Gov docs say so.

  15. ignorantpnoy Says:

    @Visioncliff This Video Opposes the truth as for Lindsey Williams sad..

  16. ignorantpnoy Says:

    First of all, this video is not connected with Lindsey Williams at all..

    In fact Lindsey Williams Videos on the Nonexistent Oil/Energy ‘Crisis’.

    Google that..

    Second, this guy is a undercover worker for the elite trying to spread the “oil scarcity doctrine” as a scare tactic for people to agree on the elite’s plan to return mankind back to the dark ages..


    He is even using Thomas Jefferson in this video.

    V for Victory. Infowars dot com

  17. Visioncliff Says:

    @WalkingThroughOut Lindsey Williams believes it’s damn near a crime to teach Evolution in schools. And he said everything would come crashing to a halt in 6 months 8 months ago. I take what he says with a grain of salt.

  18. WalkingThroughOut Says:

    Lindsey Williams is talking about untapped oil reserves on Alex Jones today. Not to be opened until oil is $200.00 a barrel.

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