Choosing the Right Business Telephone System

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If you own a small business which requires several phone lines, a regular telephone service would be enough. However, a bigger or more standardized work area with more number of cubicles and employees, a more advanced telephone systems Perth should be used. The PBX, Virtual PBX networks and VOIP are some of the commonly used systems in business telecommunications.

You need to provide separate phones and extensions for your employees who take and make phone calls to start with. If there will be frequent client visits, you will need a conference room phone that can possibly take calls from employees dialling in. It is never an easy task to determine what telephone equipment and service to use . So, here are a couple of tips to help you choose.

Think about your needs very carefully. Do you require different extensions with voicemail for your office workers? If you usually have employees out in the field, a mobile solution is also a smart choice. It will also help if you try to think a couple of years in advance if you will still have the same number of staff. Would routing calls to people in remote locations be necessary? These are the factors that you should consider before choosing a business telephone systems company. Most phone system packages would include multiple extensions, route-to-fax features, remote voicemail pick up, and call forwarding.

Determine what optional phone features will benefit your business. Features like automatic attendant and call transfer calls to another person if left unanswered instead of ending up in voicemail can definitely give your business a good edge against your competitors. Good phone systems are also important for contractors and home-based workers. A professional telephone solution is also viable even if you’re operating out of a small room. Even when you’re away or unavailable, a good phone system allows you to never miss an important call, fax or message. For independent contractors who can’t afford to miss customer calls, or for those required to be on the field regularly, these features are extremely important.

Make room for expansion. Its impractical to pull out a working phone system just because it has reached its full capacity. There are phone systems out there that allow expandability when required.

For small office environments and sole proprietors that require a regular voicemail and a few phone lines, a VOIP service will do just fine. Ask your telephone service provider for available service bundles that will meet your specific requirements.

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