Chingy Ft Lil wayne- Make that money

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  1. pimpinassclown Says:

    too bad you are all retarded, producers make beats, not rappers. why do you think almost every track chingy makes says trackstarz productions. internet thug life

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  3. Gooneylooney Says:

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  4. marrmarr18 Says:

    shits hot

  5. LMProductions09 Says:

    @69brookieboo Funnt because its a chingy beat.

  6. bowyou463 Says:

    this is a bomb

  7. MarkMillionaireGuru Says:

    Hi arae2010

    I have just been watching your video and I must admit it really is very good.

    I really enjoyed watching it.

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  9. ST4R23DL Says:

    best song from Lil Wayne and Chingyyyy

  10. BrittPhillips Says:

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  11. 69brookieboo Says:

    lil waynee has the tightest beatss xD!

  12. Glockmagic2 Says:

    really Not Really – Lil’ Wayne

  13. Glockmagic2 Says:

    Turn It Up – Chamillionaire ft Lil’ Flip

  14. HipHopFireTracks Says:


  15. LADiiANDii Says:

    love it <3

  16. buangnagani Says:

    can someone give me a title of a song that has awesome beat like this?

  17. AMoldyPotato Says:

    yo this is the tight shit sliding out of my hole. This is so tight i had to get breast enhancements yo i had to make some money yo poop

  18. paintey Says:

    typical lil wayne beat. ^^

  19. YoungJeezy333 Says:

    its been forever since i heard this!

  20. choppacity54 Says:

    mani iwsh i had diz beat i wud tear it up hardcore haah

  21. baddelbaddel Says:

    Yeah…motherfuckers feel the beat and dance on it!

  22. soneram1m Says:

    make that money!!!!!!

  23. 000veneno000 Says:

    its dpoe but it would be beta if lil wayne spit on it

  24. daz96shady Says:

    classic song

  25. thebestonlinesurveys Says:

    hmmm nice…

    videos such as this are an inspiration when I make my own videos

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