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  1. Desolatorx2 Says:

    @jcfandago doesn’t surprise me at all, for them to call it a “coverage” in the first place is clearly displaying that their about to loose a bunch of money from op-outs so they had to make it seem like its a necessity to have… its just all corrupt.

  2. Desolatorx2 Says:

    @MrPussyLiquor Same here, it went from a doable job with wamu to a fukin hellhole with Chase.

  3. cm0220ster Says:

    I have a challenge. FOr everyone who has gotten behind on their chase cards and is getting 20 phone calls a day (I’m not one) let’s all put our heads together and call chase every half an hour. You don’t need to identify yourself, just harass the hell out of them. We can all take shifts. If we time it right we can ensure they get a phone call every 60 seconds. Now who’s in?

  4. jcfandago Says:

    im a WaMu employee, and everybody hated the fake buy out…flashforward 1yr 6months + everyone hates chase. I’m in retail telephone and they want us to tell customers to get the DCOC so that the customer can STILL overdraft their account….ummm. and in the script there is no mention of it being an option to opt in or opt out….booyah.

  5. jose22 Says:


  6. ncbookz Says:

    @MrPussyLiquor dont hate your life, find a new way of thinking no one like chase not even in phillipines

  7. ncbookz Says:

    @83carb350 they are thieves

  8. kenejiforever Says:

    Chase is the devil!

  9. walkonhome Says:


  10. punkroxs Says:

    just forward it to jamie dimon himself

  11. sabaticl Says:

    Friends don’t let Friends use Chase Bank.

  12. toyotas2006 Says:

    From the commentary, it sounds like successful banks follow this model
    And banks that didn’t aren’t very successful
    Sounds a lot like OWNAGE to me……..

    Do what works and keeps you in business
    Lesson taught

  13. toyotas2006 Says:

    This one is pretty bad-ass!

  14. MrPussyLiquor Says:

    I was with wamu, and loved it… chase fcking sucks!!! I hate my life mon-fri 8-5!!!

  15. boredjavi Says:

    good luck as a banker they want you to do atleast 7 sales a day… no prob right? i was ave 19 a day and my quarter bonus would be 1800…. they want you to work hard when you do good theyll expect it everytime and always want better. i left im going to school to be an air traffic controller…… 2yrs of school and the start pay is 90k a year and you retire in 20 yrs making 160k.

  16. cubbear313 Says:

    i am with wachovia and being taken over by wells, i hate wells fargo…

  17. boredjavi Says:

    man i have an interview with them in about an hour and this is very true. i worked for wellsfargo and its the same thing but o well it pays good……. selling my soul haha

  18. bankssuck11 Says:

    hilarious video! check out my vids also! go to my page and be prepared to laugh your asses off!!! enjoy!!! chase sucks!!!!

  19. 83carb350 Says:

    Amazing. Chase fukin sux. Everyone and I mean E V E R Y O N E I have spoken to in this shit company hates it. But the economy sux. No jobs. And the highschool diploma retarts in management know this.

  20. flogrrah1 Says:

    I made one also about the incentive plan.

  21. JamesMcPatrick Says:

    We need to make A LOT more of these!

  22. phoenixhasrisen714 Says:

    check out mine for financial advisor

  23. kenmei18 Says:

    gosh i love your guys vids

    so true!

  24. WTFbanker Says:

    Some of you ask me for this vid so here it is. WTFbanker Module-5 WTL Non-Customer. Hope you enjoy!!

  25. chasebanker1 Says:

    great video. these people need to know what really goes on in the branches. keep it up. I hate this effing company. it’s disgusting.

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