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The following article discusses Chapter 7 Bankruptcy with the intent to answer any questions you may have regarding filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and the resulting consequences.Chapter 7 Attorneys in Fort Worth answer all of your commonly asked questions about Chapter 7, Bankruptcy, and related topics.
Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be a challenge, as well as one of the most difficult decisions you’ll have to make, but with the right Fort Worth Attorney, it can be the most beneficial decision you can make to get a fresh start.With the help of professional and experienced Chapter 7 Attorneys of Fort Worth, you can eliminate all of your unsecured debts while keeping your assets like your car, house, retirement accounts, and other items needed to let you start over financially.
About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and How it Works:
Individuals file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy mainly to discharge unsecured debt, like credit cards, medical bills, and signature loans.In addition, individuals can discharge secured debt like a vehicle or home loan, if they want to surrender the asset. However, they can choose to keep the car and/or home if they sign a reaffirmation agreement and continue to keep the loan current.An experienced and professional Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer can explain how this works in more detail.
Any person who lives, works, and owns property in this country can file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case. After the individual files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, in some cases they’ll be required to give up all non-exempt property or “luxury items” that they own at the time of the bankruptcy filing, if these items have equity. A trustee will then sell off these items and use the compensation to pay off creditors. However, an experienced Fort Worth Bankruptcy Attorney may be able to protect these “luxury items” in bankruptcy preventing the Trustee from taking the assets. Regardless if the Trustee determines if there are assets in a case or not, after approximately 4 months from filing the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy with a Fort Worth Attorney, the debtor will then be discharged afterwards, relieving them from the obligation of the remainder of most if not all of their debts. Chapter 7 individuals are then able to keep money earned after their bankruptcy case closing as well as other items and property they acquire after the case as well as the property that was exempt in the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.A Chapter 7 Attorney in Fort Worth can provide answers and details if you have further questions.
How Much Does it Cost to File a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
It’ll cost you $299.00 to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and this initial fee may only be paid out through your attorney.Keep in mind that overall attorney fees vary from case to case, depending on complexity.Contact a Chapter 7 Attorney in Fort Worth for a better estimate.
Can I File for Bankruptcy Multiple Times?
After you’ve been given discharge after filing a Chapter 7 case, the only debts that you’ll be covered on are those that incurred before your initial filing. Unfortunately, many debtors are unable to pay new finances as they come up as they’re faced with unexpected life circumstances.If illness or loss of employment occurs, previous debtors sometimes once again find themselves in a situation when they’re filing for bankruptcy once again.If previously discharged, debtors may only receive another discharge if their later Chapter 7 case is filed 8 years or more after the filing of their initial Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case.Keep in mind during this 8 year waiting period, you may be eligible for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy relief.
Chapter 7 Attorneys in Fort Worth provide professional and experienced Bankruptcy counseling as well as legal representation in Bankruptcy cases.Let the experienced Chapter 7 Attorneys in Fort Worth work with you to review your case and provide a free consultation to help you understand and explore all available options.
For further questions and answers, contact a Chapter 7 Attorney in Fort Worth.

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