Cenk, Greenwald & Ratigan on Obama, 2010 Elections

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Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) on MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan show along with Salon.com’s Glenn Greenwald on what progressives should take away from the 2010 midterm elections.

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  1. gastfreund76 Says:

    I just LOVE when Cenk gets so upset. Awsome.

  2. nastrobamas Says:

    @soccerdude601 Nah Obama is not doin it the white boy way. These niggas think we be stupid. Dissed by everybody. Now its our time its our time

  3. soccerdude601 Says:

    @nastrobamas just watch the documentary “Inside Job”. Then you will see who’s on which side.

  4. soccerdude601 Says:

    @nastrobamas You need to think more than race. Obama doesn’t have your best interest in mind. These guys are only against Obama because he didn’t even bother fighting for what he campaigned on. How does that sound racist? Just so you know. I am black and can’t stand Obama. Dude is just like Bush but worse. You need to read about what’s really going on and not just watch it from corporate owned news on TV.

  5. Uncle99B Says:

    @nastrobamas . I repeat. What has Obama done for black people since he has been president? Seems to me all he has done is lecture them on personal responsibility. He has acted as a puppet for the white power structure

  6. nastrobamas Says:

    @Uncle99B more then all the smart ass white boyz who said they would help us

  7. Uncle99B Says:

    @nastrobamas What the Hell has Obama done for black people?

  8. nastrobamas Says:

    Thi mutha fuckas dont like Obama cuz he black. racist shits kiss my ass

  9. blankportraits Says:

    @Imhotep397 Fine let’s do it your way and compromise all of our core principles in the name of “getting something done”. Oh wait we did that for 2 years and it lead to a continuing rise in healthcare premiums, escalation of wars, even bigger banks and a nice midterm “shellacking” on top.

  10. Imhotep397 Says:

    @blankportraits The progressive strategy that Cenk and the rest of you mindless twits want to remain overly idealistic about is a recipe for getting absolutely nothing done. None of you really wants to accept the obvious fact that it’s because you’re all sitting on your asses not doing anything you have the luxury proposing plans that would stonewall any progress. There are things I don’t like, but turning the Public option inside out into national HC law is NOT a loss.

  11. rdavian Says:

    i look atthese comments an still see the dellusionthat democratsare the party of the people. the party needs to fail just like the republican party needs to fail. so you can do what you were meant to do. so now you can get envolved.

  12. blankportraits Says:

    @Imhotep397 Your premise would be more legitimate had Obama himself not negotiated away almost the entire core reforms to Big Pharma, AHIP, the hospitals, etc. at the beginning of the health care debate. Barack Obama is essentially a marginally less extreme Joe Lieberman (his mentor in the Senate, btw). The sooner progressives realize this, the sooner we can rectify the long term damage he has done to the Democratic party.

  13. bluesboy25000 Says:

    Here’s the reason why Democrats Lost: they did not stand up for real financial reform, they did not stand for real healthcare reform, they capitulated on the stimulus and Afghanistan; they gave in on every important stance that they campaigned on so Progressives were like Screw it and then the Tea Party and Corporations were able to spin the milquetoast reform as Socialism. They won the argument with the American people even if they are full of shit

  14. Demosthenes0725 Says:

    The part of 3 dimensional chess where you give up your queen, knight, bishop & house of representatives is when you are a pawn for the other team.

    How long is it going to take the mass of Democrats to realize that?

  15. StephanieBojaeq Says:

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  17. erjoalgo Says:

    What for? To keep hoping for Obama to do the right thing is now just plain stupid.

  18. brunodemoura Says:

    CENK is THE MAN!

  19. toosinbeymen Says:

    Right on Dylan, Cenk and Glenn. You 3 hit it outta the park. I just hope the WH is watching. Of course they’re not and will continue to crush the Dem party and America with their ignorant behaviour.

  20. flow267 Says:

    @gogitasan not funny ur gay my friend

  21. Imhotep397 Says:

    @kjaoend (cont’d) Until the Tsunami of conservatives target Arabs/Musilms again with the big political guns. I’m talking about them deciding to declare all Mosques terrorist cells or something insane like that.

  22. Imhotep397 Says:

    @kjaoend Critisizing on Obama on things that were out of his control proves to me that Cenk is just bashing Obama because it’s popular to do so. The “The Blue Dogs” and Lieberman screwed over healthcare reform, the Supreme court screwed up campaign finance reform, Dems lost filibuster proof major. to force donor lists into the light. On top of that the media downplayed Haliburton connection to the BP Oil spill to protect Bush-Cheney. Cenk knows all of this he just wants to switch sides…

  23. horbergaren Says:

    @Luxmans i bet he is waching it, and he is pissed

  24. leoamar4385896 Says:

    Gleen Greenwald is fantastic. btw can you believe he’s 46? He looks like he could be in his late 20s.

  25. leoamar4385896 Says:

    Gleen Greenwald is fantastic.

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