Carnival of Money Stories #53

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Welcome to the Carnival of Money Stories #53! This is by far my favorite blog carnival. You get to read so many great stories about people lives and how they handle different aspects of their finances. I hope you enjoy these great posts as I did. Speaking of posts, I thought I would plug one of mine while I’m at it. On Friday, I wrote a post over at Frugal Dad about our struggle with an online company scam. Talk about a story!

Anyway, on with the Carnival!

Editor’s Picks

Free From Broke shares a nifty little system for teaching children to budget. My wife and I don’t have any children, but I am bookmarking this one for future use!

Free Money Finance shares with you another chapter of their Comcast saga. All I have to say is, they have waaaay more patience than I do!

Money Beagle talks about the downside of paying down debt. I hope this doesn’t happen to us! I don’t really see us getting a large sum of money so we might be safe.


Before You Invest talks about the four bad spending habits that they are changing today. I think we all have the same problems!

Cash Money Life shows you how and where to get a personal loan. Personally, we couldn’t have been more thankful to get rid of our personal loan.

Good Financial Cents shares with you week 2 of Financial Peace University. I’ve always want to take the classes but just can’t foot the bill!


The Financial Blogger lets you know why they blog. I blog to be held accountable for my financial actions.


Canadian Finance Blog talks about reward points, loyalty cards and lies. I think cash back credit cards are what got me into trouble!


Miss Bankrupt got selected for Chase Bank’s Reage Program. Not sure what it is? Head over there and check it out!

Credit Card Offers IQ got an offer to get cash back from swiping their credit card. Say what?


FIRE Finance shares a wonderful story about Sandy Aldridge and Dale Lugenbehl. A must read!

PT Money shows you why he bought 1,000 shares of Blockbuster.

Personal Finance By the Book let’s you know how to ensure you will never be a millionaire.


My Dollar Plan is thinking about a vacation home again! Man, I wish I was just thinking about a regular home!

The Sun’s Financial Diary asks, how would you treat your neighbor? Very interesting piece!

Funny About Money shares with you the cost of commuting. Luckily, I have to drive 1 mile to the train station and then take the train to DC. Heck, even the train is paid for by work!

Jeremy at Dinks Finance talks about the chances of his in-laws moving in. I would say they are rather high!

J Money wants to know if you are middle class. I’m not as well of as J, but I consider myself middle class.

Financial Tales shares with you a wealthy tale.

Squirrelers talks about squirrelers gone wild.

Early Retirement Extreme shows you how to say no to a new car.

Foreigner’s Finance show you how to make an Olive Garden dish at home for much less. Mmmmm….I think I might have to try this!

The Writer’s Coin asks, more money, more better?

Thanks to all of the participants this week! It sure was great reading them all! Next weeks edition will be held at Personal Finance Journey. Head over to the carnivals submission page to get your post included!

Carnival of Money Stories #53

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