Carlos Castaneda – 1968 radio interview

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This rare radio interview takes place at a pivotal time in CC’s career – the publication and publicity for his first book. I’ve cut the interview down from 45 minutes to 10, though – excising mainly small talk, and repetition from the book. There’s a page on my first web-site devoted to CC (even with a photo of the Tensegrity group I was in for a while) – I’ve read all his narrative books and absorbed all the major web-sites and media commentary. I have a firm view on what’s true and otherwise in CC’s work. And my years of legal training – studying evidence and observing witnesses – verify the quirks in Carlos’ demeanour here. But that just settles my mind on the matter. As for the visuals… 2:58? A laugh-track was also on the cards, for a while. Finally, I recommend my video response – as the antidote to… well, damned near everything (except synthetic voices). My home:

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