Carey Price does his best Patrick Roy imitation

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  1. lasis97 Says:

    the worst fans ever!!!

  2. danhabsfan9 Says:

    @HPhenomenal what? you have a problem with pride?

  3. HPhenomenal Says:

    @danhabsfan9 pride? you fucking moron.

  4. HPhenomenal Says:

    montreal fans are like european soccer fans…they cheer their team when they do good, but a bad game and its BOO your own goalie.

  5. 1ryad Says:

    Carey Price is a bitch

  6. spoogerification Says:

    habs are the worst fans on earth they love u if ur good but u screw up for one game and they drive u out of montreal

  7. DJGAMBLE21 Says:

    and this is the guy they kept and sent halak…lmao…stupid habs…whats there excuse he “can get better”…lmao…

  8. danhabsfan9 Says:

    @NashPreds39 classless? when a player puts on the ch he’s representing 100 of the greatest hockey players of all time. and price has been terrible ever since that first year. just cuz montreal has more pride then any other hockey city doesn’t mean their classless.

  9. danhabsfan9 Says:

    @krisAllenfan00 how can you respect a goalie that doesn’t win? they’re loseing 4-1 and they were about to be swept in the series by their biggest rials. of course they’re fuckin pissed off.

  10. wesley369 Says:

    @williamfleishman dude we could use him in dallas

  11. Semoviestrom Says:

    why the fuck does he still play there. if i were him i would have demanded to be traded. why would you want to play for fans that dont even like you, even taunt and boo you.

  12. geoffawhite1978 Says:

    @williamfleishman I bet Price would do well if Habs management hadn’t rushed him, completely ruining him in the process.

  13. santahchrist Says:

    Potvin was done by the time he came to Vancouver anyway though

  14. krisAllenfan00 Says:

    Its sad when people don’t respect their goaltender. The best one right now I think is Craig Anderson! 51 save shutout against the Sharks!!

    Go Avs!

  15. LiViNgFeAr12 Says:

    now the new best goalie is neimi

  16. iNeRdZz Says:

    fuck classy habs fans. habs are fuckin terrible ever since Roy left. all the good players left in th 70’s and goalie left in 95′ and Dryden retired.

  17. sayenshin Says:

    vos yeules criss de bande de caves!!!!!!!!

  18. mxdan316 Says:

    They self-proclaimed themselves the greatest fans in the world… Yeah right!!! I will never be a Habs fan as long as I live, even if I live in Montreal!

  19. HockeyJock6476 Says:

    @williamfleishman yeah man well im glad there are some real fans like you left.

  20. williamfleishman Says:

    @HockeyJock6476 Not much I guess.

  21. HockeyJock6476 Says:

    @williamfleishman they are habs fans. what do you expect?

  22. williamfleishman Says:

    I wonder if the Habs should sign Marty Turco? I think they’re set with Halak, though. I bet the Caps nab Marty Turco. Guys like Ovechkin and Backstrom would love his puck handling abilities, and also, Marty can kill a forecheck. Face it, the Caps don’t backcheck very well. Marty Turco could help them in that area. Sorry. I went on a rant. lol.

  23. ILoveChappy Says:

    @williamfleishman well he’s gonna be leaving now after the way Halak played in the playoffs.

  24. Stevenn1992 Says:

    @selannetheduck Have you even thought about Toronto?

  25. Stevenn1992 Says:

    @selannetheduck have you even thought about Toronto?

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