Capitalizing on your Accredited Investor Leads List

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Wanted leadsBuying your Accredited Investor Leads List is only the first in a long line of steps towards gaining quality support for your company. Contacting the right investors who have an interest in your target market and pitching your business successfully is the real challenge in the process.

When buying an Accredited Investor Leads List it is important to make sure that you are actually receiving high quality leads. Some lists are comprised of investors who have already been featured on numerous lists or are no longer considered accredited investors. You should also receive a list that is focused on your geographical are. A list of investors in China will be useless to a start-up in California.

Companies like Accredited Investor Leads offer reliable up-to date Accredited Investor Lists that are customized to your needs. You will receive leads to investors from your geographical location and in your field of business and you can even limit the search to gender, age or the investor’s preferential type of business.

Once you have procured your list you will have to decide on how to pitch the investors you have decided to approach. Ideally, you want the investor to live and breath your idea while you are giving your presentation. Your pitch should be clear and comprehensive without missing any of the detail that will attract serious investors. The idea and the enthusiasm of your presentation is just as important as the data supporting your potential success.

Keep in mind that what you are offering is potentially worth millions to your investor. They are looking for a high ROI with as little risk as possible. Make clear to the investor how they will profit from their investment and how you will overcome the competition.

If your company is a start-up or is in its early stages, use it to your advantage. Most investors want to get into a company before it really takes off. This is one of the basic principles of investing and can be a fundamental point of your pitch if you can convince the investor that your business will soon be a success.

Present your company with flair. Most serious Investors have seen hundreds of presentations. If you can stand out from the crowd you stand a far better chance of succeeding. Almost nothing is too eccentric when it comes to pitching your business. Keep it within the boundaries of good taste, but if the investor’s attention is caught by something they did not expect they are sure to pay more attention to the rest of your presentation.

The data you use to argue the bright future of your company is fundamental. If the numbers are not there most investors will switch off and lose interest in the company. It is simply not worth the risk of investing in a company regardless of how good the idea may be. The more professional opinions you can get on your business the better. You have to prove, through numbers and precedent that your target market is open to your product and that you have a very good chance of overcoming the competition.

Pay attention to the investor. Many people prepare their presentation for hours in front of the mirror and when the time comes recite by heart without any consideration for the context. Your pitch must be adaptable. If you are pitching on the phone you will be missing key elements such as body language and physical presentation material that you might otherwise have. Also, if you are reciting the presentation and fail to notice that the investor is going to sleep, it may seriously damage your chances. Adapt your pitch to the mood of the Investor and pay attention to their non-verbal communications, such as body language and the emotion behind their words. Doing this can help you save an otherwise failed presentation.

After pitching an investor it is important let them know that you appreciate the opportunity. Call them up or and ask them if they have any further questions. Ty to gauge their opinion and fill in any information you might have missed. Be friendly and enthusiastic and your attitude may just prove to be infectious.

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