Cantor Makes Trading a Reality for All

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There is no longer a question over whether we are in a recession or not. The reality is that a double-dip recession is well and truly upon us and a lot of able people are feeling its effects. Many are looking for ways to create an additional stream of income as a result and among the more popular options is the financial market. Spread betting, in particular, has over 1,000,000 Europeans trying their hand at making money through trading. It offers more flexibility than fixed odds betting where it is simply a case of winning or losing.

This offers an advantage to those who wish to exercise their brains as well as their check book as the value of any win is dependent upon the accuracy of the bet. The fundamentals are simple to learn but getting it right in real-world trading takes some getting used to so rather than putting your money at unnecessary levels of risk, you should apply as much research as possible to your trades until you develop a more instinctive approach. offers a wonderful facility to allow you develop an awareness of the potential in spread betting and is the perfect solution for both beginning and experienced traders. Their spread betting guide is a vast resource that allows you to move the odds more in your favor so that you can thrive, even in a double dip recession.

John Fitzgerald and Bernie Cantor founded Cantor Index in 1945. The firm began as a brokerage that specialized in investment banking and bonds and became a respected entity in the fixed income market. Cantor Fitzgerald widened their interests when becoming involved in Equity Capital Markets during the 1960s. They gained clients from portfolio managers, pension funds and asset managers and saw their business boom.

They were later responsible for the creation of the world’s first electronic marketplace in 1972 for the securities branch of the US Government. The next decade saw them undertake a huge, international expansion. They had opened their London office in 1983 and continued to seek out further opportunities. That laid the foundation for what is today, the home of Cantor Fitzgerald Europe.

Cantor Index is highly regarded as in a number of areas within the financial markets. They thrive over their competition in that they possess an innate awareness of the artistic side of playing the markets. This is why they have enabled customers to make use of a free demo account which allows you to try their hand at spread betting before playing with real money.

This is what makes Cantor so highly respected within the industry. They are aware of the risks involved in spread betting but that it also offers lucrative rewards and so want you to ensure that you are in the best position possible to achieve as many of those rewards as you can.

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