Can You Create Wealth Through The Law Of Attraction?

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Most of us have watched The DVD “The Secret”. We are bombarded by emails, video clips and websites that tell us how powerful the Law of Attraction is. But have you ever been able to attract the things in life that you really want? Is the Law of Attraction working for you or against you? Would you like to know the real secret behind The Secret? Are you willing to accept unlimited wealth in all area of your life? Yes! Then read on. It was many years ago when I first came across the term “Law of Attraction”. It was many years ago. To me, I thought the law of attraction made perfect sense. In fact when I viewed my past life experiences I was convinced that they had happened entirely due to my thinking, feeling and acting. Yet I could not get the law of attraction to work for me in a conscious way. I decided it was not worth any more of my time and forgot about it. Then I was reunited with the concept with the release of the movie “The Secret”. This once again sparked my interest in the law of attraction and I immediately got to work putting the principles that the movie offered into my life. Again I got back nothing for all my effort. No matter how much I used visualization or created positive feelings around my mental pictures nothing in my life changed. Only a bigger amount of the stuff I was already attracting – debt, unhappiness and unfulfilling relationships (not to mention a particularly bad health issue). The one good thing about the movie though was my introduction to some of the teachers in the movie. Although the movie was great to watch and it did motivate me I got very little tangible results from following its advice. I’m sure you are the same. After a great deal of searching I was able to find good information on the law of attraction and was shocked to discover that many law of attraction sources left out a key missing piece of the puzzle. Studying the law of attraction in more detail gave me some insights into properly using it to get real results in my life and I am going to share these with you now. Once I understood what have been missing from all the sources I had studied my new knowledge allowed me to start using the law of attraction consciously in my own life. For example, do you know that your negative subconscious beliefs and thoughts must be eliminated if you want to start attracting the things in life that you desire? Where The Secret tells you to visualize and evoke positive feelings to activate the law of attraction I discovered that you must first remove the negative subconscious blocks before you can attract anything. As I had tried the normal approach for manifesting my dreams (visualizing, affirmations etc.) and got very little back from it I thought I would give the above approach a try. Within very little time I started to see real tangible results in my life. This is when I realized that this approach to using the law of attraction, which is based on removing subconscious blocks, is in fact the correct one. I discovered very quickly that it was the subconscious blocks I had to achieving success that had been hindering me all my life. They were running in the background of my mind like viruses on a computer sabotaging my efforts to consciously control the effects of the law of attraction. Once I used started searching for and removing my own inner thoughts of limitation and addressed just small negative areas of my subconscious mind I began to see big results. Once I has seen positive real changes in my life, from just a small amount of inner work, I started to work on my bigger negative issues. My life began changing positively in almost every area. This is the missing link in law of attraction courses. Start to view your mind as a computer and you negative beliefs as viruses. Then start to remove your viruses. Such viruses take the form of negative mental programming or negative subconscious beliefs. It is important that you eliminate the negative thoughts and beliefs that are conected to your desires which you have buried in your subconscious mind. If you do not remove them all your efforts will fail. If you want to achieve success, wealth and unlimited happiness give this approach a try!

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