Can and Dumbo – Read My Mind by Metro Area

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Can Nguyen and Matt “Dumbo” Nguyen teach at Visceral Dance Center in Chicago, IL. Thanks Visceral Dance! Can’t wait to come back again! Thanks for watching! Subscribe please! -edited by LAW

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  1. SweetCookie108 Says:

    i love Dumbo/Matt’s hair <3

  2. tmrsi01 Says:

    Matt/ Dumbo Is cute :$xD<3

  3. TheFreakiiie Says:

    2:20 Dumbo is soo funny :’DDDDDDDDD

  4. youdontkillthebatman Says:

    @RetroFap Then apparently had kids.

  5. bliz94 Says:

    3:15 = Broke Me lol

  6. kobeno1997 Says:

    I thought it froze at 3:14 lol

  7. nerchan07 Says:

    @littlestarbaby6 Then chill, my bad. My friend who is a huge fan of them told me so – I better tell him this then XD

  8. RestyaRR Says:

    4 peoply tried to do tutting, imitated Can & Dumbo, and accidentally clicked the dislike button

  9. djcjcj Says:

    tick tick tick. tick tick tick. titick tititick. :))

  10. Itachi429 Says:

    Can stopped my mind from 3:15 – 3:18

  11. SoManyThingys Says:

    they did know sumone was vidtapin them in the back right?

  12. DreamstarMartinez101 Says:

    This was sooo smooth. Dumbo, you’ve definately read my mind :X

  13. teanna599 Says:

    U guy are so epic!!!!!!

  14. rnbisloved Says:

    Omg 3:15, I thought I accidentally paused the video or smth

  15. littlestarbaby6 Says:

    @nerchan07 No they are not

  16. BubblyBubbleTea Says:

    they’re not brothers! they said it in an interview 🙂

  17. NeverEndingPromises Says:

    @nerchan07 Really? are u sure cuz maybe it’s just the same last name like @babehc said. idk..

  18. nerchan07 Says:

    @NeverEndingPromises Dumbo, Can, and Charles are brothers 🙂

  19. NeverEndingPromises Says:

    @babehc Oh ok. Thanks ;P

  20. babehc Says:

    @NeverEndingPromises they kinda look the same too lol
    but no they are no brothers. its just the very popular vietnamese last name 🙂

  21. NeverEndingPromises Says:

    Don’t kill me… but is Can and Dumbo brothers? cuz their last names are the same. 😮

  22. tenzizona Says:

    :O omygoshh!!! cheesecakes! AWESOME!!:D <3 <3 proud of ma lil asians!!! rofl

  23. azuraboys Says:

    why there are DISLIKES> ? ?? . .they dont know how to dance? /

  24. Near1234567 Says:

    its a common last name ,like a lot of people have daniel or joshua for there first name so yeah

  25. 00luvDtrix00 Says:

    i love it when dumbo and can dance toqether its just awesome 🙂

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