California Lemon Laws: Your Rights Are Important!

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What is California Lemon Law?

It is a state granted consumer right that preserves consumers against the faulty purchases or defective i.e. Lemon Products. The product can be anything. The California Lemon Law bears a special adherence for the faulty or defective automobiles.

It is formally known as Motor Vehicle Warranty Rights Act. The California Lemon Laws states that if a vehicle turns out to be defective in the warranty period so that it can be dangerous for the owner of the vehicle or makes a serious injuries to the vehicle owner then the consumer has all the rights to ask for the refund or the replacement of the product.

Once the flaws are bought to the notice of the manufacturer, the manufacturer is bound to do the repair work or replacement (if the vehicle is not repairable). If the manufacturer does not make some genuine attempts, the company must either replace the defective vehicle or refund the consumer’s money.

If the manufacturer refuses to do the right steps then the consumer have option to file a Lemon Lawsuit in Court. If the manufacturer doesn’t accept the decision of the Court then it comes under the violation of the law and the manufacturer has to pay all the charges and rentals and even your lawyer’s fee.

Under What Circumstances Can Consumers Seek Protection Under the California Lemon Law?


Then defect is manufacturing and not the mishandling At least 4 times the vehicle has been repaired but the problem is still there The defect is detected but is not set within 18 months or 18,000 miles

What you need to do if you are in a similar situation?

The consumers need to attend specific requirements like:

Abide the instruction in the user’s manual while driving Take the vehicle to authorized servicing centers for repairs & servicing Send a written complaint as a formal legal notice. Certified mails can be used. All documents of vehicles, all repair records, technical reports be ready to be submit in the court

Not only on vehicles but this law is applicable on other things too like Puppy and appliances. California Puppy Lemon Laws are laws that will provide you the compensation if the Pet store owner has sold you the puppy that was sick or infected from a critical disease. In this situation you can use the California Puppy Lemon Law and get the compensation or replacement of the puppy. But in this one you are entitled to return the puppy within 2 weeks untill the puppy is suffering from the inborn disorders. Similar to these Appliance Lemon Law is applicable when the seller has sold you the faulty appliance. Similar to California Lemon Laws you can use the California Appliance Lemon Law to get the right compensation.

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