Calif. Foreclosure Protest Leads to 22 Arrests

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Police arrested 22 demonstrators who staged a protest against home foreclosures outside a downtown Los Angeles branch of Chase bank. Officers say those arrested were cited for trespassing and released. (Dec. 17)

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  1. Ultraplast1978 Says:

    The problem is the Federal Reserve system we have set up in this country. It is nothing but a banking cartel. Read, The Creature From Jekyll Island, by Griffin. You will be surprised.

  2. outofthisworldgurl Says:

    This country is totally screwed — those dig bat cops need to be arresting those criminal bankers who are screwing their behinds like all of the rest of us!!!

  3. peoplz360 Says:

    9/11 inside job

  4. darkangelextra Says:

    f…….n banksters

  5. etniko Says:

    The problem is many people where lied upon their own mortgages payments in the first place, because the goal of the lender wasn’t to receive the monthly payments but to sell the contracts as a derivative instrument.

  6. 1236612 Says:

    I don’t believe that people who took out these mortgages on their own free will should get any help; however, at the same time, I don’t believe that the banks should have received any Federal bailouts either. Had the Federal government kept out of the picture and let the big banks face failure, things would’ve not gotten this bad.

  7. FoodOrFail Says:

    Coming to a town near you…

  8. anka893 Says:

    cut your nutz off ameriika

  9. cheddyrod Says:

    @1019drummer Idiot

  10. sharinganclan213 Says:

    black man arresting the white man!

  11. 1019drummer Says:

    @cheddyrod Dont be so hard on yourself.

  12. cheddyrod Says:

    @1019drummer Idiot

  13. 1019drummer Says:

    Predatory lending and people going for a mortgage who work at burger King and make nine fifty an hour,and thennn qualifying for said mortgage have collectively helped to kill this country’s economy. Greed and ignorance make for a lethal combo.

  14. believersunderground Says:

    cops work for the banks. IN YOUR FACE. hahaha Love Scott (BUG)

  15. BarryDead Says:

    Sounds like ACORN BS to me. If you make the payments the foreclosure problem will go away. Or is a free house a right too? If so, there is nothing stopping the Libturds from writing checks to cover the payments……..seeing you care so much. If you wont personally come up with the money or want a free house……than just shut up

  16. jenniferashley99 Says:

    Finally people are waking up. Banks are as corrupt.

  17. Josephdaz1 Says:

    Why all the “foul” language just to make a point. I hope this isn’t what we’re teaching our children and teenagers to post on Facebook and Twitter. The foreclosures are going to be record this year. It’s a plot to drive people out of thei homes and Government takeover. Hope people wake up we’re in BIG trouble! I’m sure there will be more than 22 protesting once this escalates.

  18. Vleesball Says:

    hahaha black woman all dancin that shit yaaa… shake those demons off mama

  19. InvisibleDiary Says:

    That officer speaking looks like Greg Kinnear.

  20. kargenlewis Says:

    blah blah blah. if your fooled by old bush politics then f you!

    why dont republicans take responsibility for helping bush murder millions and destroying america? clinging to the fact that there are some corrupt dems doesnt justify anything and i wonder how u f’n sleep at night. f you republicans pigs!

  21. Apsu88 Says:

    Google “birth certificate corporation” without the quotes.
    Everyone who has a birth certificate is registered as a corporation by the government and traded like bonds on the stock market.
    This is PURE FASCISM! Wake up you fuckers we and our families are being traded like cattle.

  22. slonamu Says:

    The banks fuck you with the credit cards, with the mortgage, with the fees on your accounts, then they forclouse illigaly on you and when you complain they get you arrested. Welcome to the New World Order.

  23. crypter27 Says:

    I admire your’e courage California!

  24. tmilatos Says:

    Governments and politicians are free to butt fuck us, while we have no right to protest. Isn’t that fair….?

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