CA Voters Prefer Green Economy Over Legal Marijuana

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When it comes to politics, where California goes, the nation often follows. The CA election in 2010 challenged the status quo with methods that would repeal ambitious carbon emission standards and allow the legalization of marijuana. Article resource – California elections – voters embrace green economy, nix green bud by Personal Money Store.

Global warming law will stay in California

The whole country typically pays attention to elections in CA. This is because throughout the whole United States of America, it is probably the most populated state. The voters and corporations in CA usually set trends throughout the country. This is all because within the whole world, California has the eighth largest economy. The state has led the way in air quality legislation for 40 years. In 2006, there was a greenhouse gas legislation that passed. This left California’s economic climate totally changed. Prop 23 states that the change doesn’t have to be made with the economic recession, while oil corporations put millions into stopping that from taking place. Proposition 19 to legalize weed also failed as CA voters appeared reluctant to face the wrath of the federal government.

Oil businesses face wipe out with prop 23

Proposition 23 to overturn California’s groundbreaking climate change law was supported by funding from 2 TX oil corporations: Valero and Tesoro. The law, known as AB32, calls for reduction of state greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 amounts by 2020. The law affects almost each and every business, the entire govt and also the public at large. A campaign funded by oil businesses tried to convince voters that California, with a current joblessness rate of 12 percent, couldn’t afford to address global warming until unemployment hit 5.5 percent for four consecutive quarters. Continuing to go green was what over 60 percent of Californian voters preferred to do. The oil companies were not just beat just a little bit. They were beat severely.

Fed does not like Proposition 19

Proposition 19 supporters tried to bolster their own green economy by also using the recession to rationalize the legalization of weed. Marijuana promised a windfall in tax revenue for the notoriously unbalanced CA budget. Younger voters definitely did not show up on political election day since prop 19 showed a ton of younger support. Those who did vote didn’t think it had been a good idea though. But perhaps the biggest factor within the wipe out of Prop 19 was the specter of the federal government, which confronted to come down hard on California if cannabis were legalized there.

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