Business Awards – An Alternative Option for Advertising

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Companies market their products many different ways. Businesses utilize methods such as roadside billboards, television and newspaper advertisements. Although, in general, the business itself may not be marketed. For instance, companies will usually spend more time marketing a new gadget than promoting the company itself. Better known as self-promotion, this technique of marketing is just as capable of producing results. Although when choosing to self-market, companies must ensure not to present a conceited image.

In the case where a business receives an approving comment for the quality it represents, the business commented upon will appreciate the benefits that come along with such a mention. This is also the idea behind a business award. There are several categories of awards, and they highlight many different aspects of businesses. In particular, a customer focus award would be presented to a company striving to assist the customer in all ways possible. An organisation would have to demonstrate continual efforts to improve the customer experience to receive this award. Company policies will revolve around focusing on the customers satisfaction and not necessary the company gains. In the end, happy customers produce more sales. Smaller companies all over the world use this technique to compete with larger firms.

This example shows how to apply this type of acknowledgment:

XYZ Corporation is struggling. The products for sale are identical to the competition but XYZ lacks more in advertising funds. As a result, the competition gather more customers through advertising means. Rather than try to beat its competition in product promotion, XYZ decides to advertise judiciously winning a customer focus award. The aim of the award is to improve sales by showing potential customers that it cares about their best interests. In the end, customers will begin to notice XYZ and feel comfortable dealing with them with the knowledge that they will handle any potential issues with care.

In this example, the business award becomes a simple marketing strategy for the company with the focus directed on the end client. Across the United Kingdom, businesses can compete for a variety of different awards. In addition to customer focus awards, companies can compete for awards such as employer of the year and modernised workplace procedures.

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Business leaders in the UK nominate their peers and competitors. To assist with the business award judgments, CEOs and board members across the UK are consulted. The situation of peer recognition is also highly advantageous for winners, especially when marketing is involved. Consumers in the UK trust the results of such awards because they know businesses are serious about the process. For these reasons, business awards are imperative for companies to effectively market their business in their local area.

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