Burning the Masses: Mind Control

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New Song by Burning the Masses from their new album entitled “Mind Control”. All Credits to them and their Affiliates. Lyrics Ridiculous! Control lurks the sky and cheats my conception, Narco-hypnosis, unwilling, take my life! Keeping us in a state of fear Aging with anger, civil unrest withholds my spine Intellectual dead mind! Are you tuned to human standards? Are you tuned to their standards? This Technetronic leash tugs on our self-judgement, Polluting our fucking brain, with wants, neural cell maniplulation! Machined brain, machined brain, machined brain, Please change the channel! Dumbing down of humanity! Dumbing down! Dumbing down of humanity! Victims of a Programmable Assassination. Using our emotions as strings to control us Using our emotions as stongs to control, control us! Repetition finds its nest in the mind of the weak, Laying a method of citizen control, distracted by flashes, An invisible power governs our path. Your now recruited, an animal tested, This is the time and age, please make sure you wave, Make sure you wave!

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  1. lakku Says:

    I fucking love this song so much on 1:30 onwards.

  2. 666RebelAngel666 Says:

    Just saw these guys with Cattle Decapitation, and Devourment Thursday night…. Fucking great show!

  3. mayostrain Says:

    ok, nevermind.

  4. mayostrain Says:

    Okay, I just saw another video, and the name said Nailgun Massacre, is that correct or is it Burning The Masses?

  5. crisXblue12 Says:

    This sounds more like TBDM and maybe some BTBAM

  6. aerosmithfan984 Says:

    @IanABS94 yes but bmth has their name to get more girlss to liek and they sound sorta liek suicide silence which we all know suicide silence fuckin owns ass lmfao

  7. aerosmithfan984 Says:

    @Reaper200038 eight times but towards the left OO

  8. ShroomDexer Says:

    lol this is actually my first time hearing this whole song and i can tell u this song alone is far more creative and superior than JFAC’s entire new album. and hoof is right its def not as core

  9. thisEnds676 Says:

    stop fucking arguing and listen to the eargasms!!

  10. chrissy45100 Says:

    abslte Orgasmus band xDD

  11. SuperTeenSpaz Says:

    1:40 one hell of a pinch harmonic…holycrap!

  12. armed43attle Says:

    this does not sound anything like anything you retards said this has its own sound to me i cant think of one band this reminds me of

  13. Incepti0n Says:

    Shut up nigga

  14. skateVtown Says:

    @Incepti0n can’t you think of anything else? rather then copying my already weak sarcasm lol. lacking.

  15. CannibalCorpse1231 Says:

    @rbond090 It sounds like Job For A Blowjob..

  16. Incepti0n Says:


  17. skateVtown Says:

    @Incepti0n Alright scene boy! I’ll take your word for it.

  18. thesk27 Says:

    @MasterDucks go to their myspace, theres a countdown

  19. 6youngfretshredder9 Says:


    Lethal enough to execute inmates at high volume 0_o

  20. MasterDucks Says:

    @NickXdethcorexxx hellllllllllllllll yea. does any1 know the release date for that! cam is the biggest beast ever. cameveryday is sweet.

  21. Incepti0n Says:

    you clearly dont know very much about music
    i’ve been listening to metal for about 6 years(keep in mind im 16) and seriously, i fucking hate these kids who think they know what they’re talking about

  22. skateVtown Says:

    @Incepti0n haha whitechapel is probably the most talented ‘deathcore’ band out there, just due to the fact that they’re more so death metal.. not this core bullshit

  23. Incepti0n Says:

    whitechapels gay…….
    enough said

  24. A7XEternalSoldier Says:

    @IanABS94 Yeah, Burning the Masses is more part of death metal than deathcore or hardcore.

  25. canadian549 Says:

    chason might be the best ive ever seen… recordings doesn’t give him credit