Bundesrat Merz laughs over Bündnerfleisch

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Clip from the SF1 evening news, 20.9.10. Answering a question in the Bundeshaus about the import of cured meat into Switzerland, Swiss Finance Minister Merz can barely speak from laughing too much. The bit after 01.13 is the best when he can’t get the word Bündnerfleisch out. www.swisswatching.wordpress.com

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  1. julivista100 Says:

    Super Clip

  2. ss535ss Says:

    this video is even known in america… incredible!!! Mir schwizer hän halt vil zum lache!!!^^

  3. vgokt Says:

    He is the best! 🙂

  4. johntraveler Says:

    Bravo to him! He is a real person, not a puppet.
    He is laughing at the bureaucratic terms he has to use… as any normal person would laugh at.

  5. jonastrex05 Says:


  6. DillanReed Says:

    Just love watching it, it reminds me that not all politicians are robots. Some are human like him. 🙂

  7. riesbergen Says:

    @Cubeculture America has Clinton and Jeltsin as great hero example.

  8. markjartansson Says:

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  9. HerrIngrimm Says:

    @doppelheer du besch soo cool

  10. pahlevi Says:

    He laughs of the impenetrable jargon of the bureaucrat responisble for the answer and of the triviality of the question posed by the congressman

  11. pahlevi Says:

    the minister responded to a question by a member of parlament about possible abuses in meat import, in which importers had allegedly found a loophole in the tariff lawswhere spiced meat is lower taxed than simple, raw meat. it was supposed that they would spread peppercorn on the meat surface and washing it out after customs control. The minister had tried to explain that the norms already take on that possiblility

  12. pahlevi Says:

    (cont.) Meat, that has spices on the whole surface of the product and that is noticable with the eyes, is excluded by the chapter

  13. pahlevi Says:

    the translation read it more or less so:
    in reference to addition 6a in capter 2 of the KN, the customs administration has additionally published the so called Swiss comments about the customs tariff.
    ccording to that, certain products, that have spices added during the production, are added to chapter 2, if the character of a product of this chapter ist not changed (for example “Bündnerfleisch”).

  14. alexander29805 Says:


  15. muinrofilac Says:

    love this guy!!!!!!

  16. beatlesfanify Says:


  17. rausibausi Says:

    @Johann027 nope, why?

  18. rausibausi Says:

    @neilandrewporter lol

  19. pianoapp Says:

    Mega lustig unser Herr Merz.

  20. Noacuervo Says:


  21. Mazen1hz Says:

    Thanks for the explanation guys 🙂
    I wasn’t sure about what he was laughing about but now i get it 😉

  22. MissMxy Says:

    That’s adorable.

  23. veokfwjbotgwr Says:

    this cheers me up

  24. thatumoraes Says:

    @DeathGnom thanks a lot!

  25. doppelheer Says:

    wooooo bist du mein soooooonnenliiiicht? ich liiiiibe dich und vermiiiiiiisse diiiich. fegdi.

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