BuildingGreenTV: Natural Light

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Kevin shows us how he incorporated natural light strategies and techniques into the building of his straw bale home; a look at Solatubes natural lighting solutions. Abstract of “Building Green,” season one, airing on PBS affiliates nationally

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  1. HomeWindTurbines7 Says:

    Looking at videos today. I like the clip, nice job , have a look at my Home Wind Turbine videos and subscribe or friend me if you like. My patent pending system won a Green Design Contest, check it out.
    Thanks, Sam

  2. Unclesamslair Says:

    @PakaNoHida glass blicks infrared but not uv

  3. jerryaltman Says:

    Why do you think quality sunglasses offer special UV filter, and in some stores there are devices to test the lens about UV filtering?
    Glass filter some UV light, but not all,and the lower UV range is filtered just a little bit. by simple glass.

  4. PakaNoHida Says:

    Funny, a 5 second search around the web proves what I said. Glass does indeed block some UV light, they do not need a filter. You need some, but not cancerous no ozone layer levels.

  5. jerryaltman Says:

    So far as I know simple glass do not block UV light. Even the films used in cars windows, to look dark from outside, do not block well UV, but just one type, since there are UVA and UVB.

  6. PakaNoHida Says:

    Glass blocks UV, you are worried about nothing… no offense.

  7. jerryaltman Says:

    The windows should have a UV filter. Much sun light increase risk of skin cancer.

  8. BizzProfessional Says:

    Visit DesignGreenConstruction online for more information about this topic. Discusses sustainable and green construction adgendas and provides training and reference materials as well.

  9. Kattyrudy Says:

    keep in mind that you can close the light aswell, by a butterfly flap, that can electronicly close the light gap if needed.

    Just so you know. :/

  10. theatomiceye Says:

    Tubular George is “Totally Tubular”! Fer sure fer sure.

  11. RobDieselUSMC Says:

    heres an idea for you, one that i fully credit to my father who reminded me to do this constantly growing up…turn off your lights when you leave a room…and who needs a stairway fully lit all day long?! what happens when you want to take a nap on your couch, turn off the sun? seriously…good idea, bad judgement…go green if you want to spend the green, by all means……..

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