Britain Worse Off Than America Economically – They Wish That They Had Our Problems – Glenn Beck

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According to British MP Daniel Hannan, the economic outlook of the United States smells like roses compared to the stinking Socialist economy that the Brits have dug themselves into. He says that he would love to be where we are today. I would say to him that with Obama at the helm, we will be catching up to Great Britain in no time at all. Obama is steering us straight down that Socialist road that Britain has been on for years. It seems clear to me, with the passage of the stimulus package and the likely passage of Obama’s $3.6 trillion dollar budget that Obama has decided to put his pedal to the medal and do some catching up to the British and their Socialist ways. All good Americans must try their hardest to put a stop to this train called the Obama Socialist Express. We must stop it dead in its tracks, in a manner of speaking. jbranstetter04 IMF Offers Bleak View of British Economy The British economy is heading for its worst year since the Great Depression, according to the latest predictions from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The fund shocked analysts during a briefing in which it was revealed that the UK will see its economy shrink by 3.8 per cent in 2009, and a further 0.2 per cent in 2010—the only large economy predicted to still be in decline next year as well as this. Some believe that the scale of the downturn signals the UK moving from recession to depression. The IMF expects the global economy to contract by 0.6 per cent this year, with the most

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  1. AmericaTops Says:

    No more bailouts. No more social programs. No more regulation or “insuring” against bad decisions. REALITY must be respected – simple as that. When you make a decision, you have to be ready to fail. When we “insure” and try to “insulate” folks they go out of control and make WORSE decisions! A real, true free market would NEVER get this out of whack! Never. Impossible. It is ONLY government’s distorting and negating the market FEEDBACK which causes the mess we’re in. Nov 10 is coming

  2. surfdogdude Says:

    OK, that was a better rebuttal. Less vulgarity and Ad Hominem.

    I would argue however that neither the UK, the EU nor the US have had a free market for a very, very long time. What we are seeing is the result of government regulation and “looter” capitalism. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

    As Thatcher said: “socialism is a great idea till you run out of other people’s money.”

  3. jimbobjimminy Says:

    @surfdogdude Intellectual rebuttal? The man talks tripe, everything he says is wrong. The UK is not socialist. He’s just one of these ultra free market, upper class toffs who doesn’t understand the needs of those less fortunate than him. The free market failed in 2007, there’s nothing wrong with govt regulation.
    That’s why he hates the NHS. Waiting times may be bad but at least everyone who needs treatment can get it, no matter their economic situation or pre existing conditions..

  4. surfdogdude Says:

    That´s right, we should be more like you! Right? You can´t even write a simple intellectual argument without resorting to profanity! You sound very ¨educated¨.

    Should we get more ¨educated¨ in spending money we don´t have like the Euro-socialists?

  5. surfdogdude Says:


    Nice job of raising your profanity level because you can´t raise an intellectual rebuttal!

  6. surfdogdude Says:

    I just think that the govt should be out of it.
    In the free market, the market would hold these banks accountable for ¨blind greed¨. They would cease to exist thus allowing room for honest people who want to make an honest buck through win-win transactions.

  7. surfdogdude Says:

    The govt is to blame for getting in the way of the free market! For things like the CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) and the Parity Act which was a clear violation of the US Constitution (States Rights). They have provided incentive for crazy loans through these vehicles and others such as Fannie and Freddy.

    As John Galt said- just ¨get the hell out of my way!¨

  8. gotama420 Says:

    @r2d23678 you said it bro!

  9. gotama420 Says:

    @carwyndb9 no

  10. gotama420 Says:

    @xxxEmmureOwnxxx bring it!

  11. gotama420 Says:

    @ecstaticstates so the snake was offering up money to the naked lady in the garden. ( lol)

  12. jimbobjimminy Says:

    Fuck you Dan Hannan. And your attempt at a ‘British Tea Party’.

    Fucking walking fail. Balding fail. Balding ‘silver spoon in the mouth’ Tory tosser fail.

  13. xxxEmmureOwnxxx Says:

    americans are fat fucks.

    they need to get educated.

  14. carwyndb9 Says:

    does fox news broadcast anything that doesnt push their own political agenda??

  15. r2d23678 Says:

    @Carbon657 there’s alot of Brits that are shit talkers, just sayin

  16. Tonester690 Says:

    Isn’t this the same person that slagged off the NHS?
    What an idiot.

    If GB was so wrong, why is it every other country followed suit?
    I feel sorry for the few that watch this video and believe anything they have heard.

  17. Welshdocker Says:

    Close ya mouth en’

  18. r2d23678 Says:

    @Welshdocker I smell bullshit 😉

  19. r2d23678 Says:

    Daniel Hannan has some weird ass eyebrows, but lol when Brits say America economy is the worst when it’s clearly the opposite 😉

  20. steve1mufc Says:

    very true. Did you know a racial awareness officer in the public sector earns around 50000 a year.

  21. scottishlowoflow Says:

    do people seriously think that this video carries weight?

    that guy on the left is GLENN BECK. he’s mentally unstable.

  22. Welshdocker Says:

    No cunt in Britain even nos who this guy is yet he’s always on fox news slagging of Britain I seriously doubt he’s ever appeared on a british television channel!!! It’s amazing how Americans will listen to anything as long as the magic man on the tv set says it!!!

  23. destroyALLjihadists Says:

    bring on the worldwide depression PLEASE! europe is all headed down like greece with most likely germany hanging on til the end, japan and america are right behind if not on par. just get it over with so people can focus on individual freedoms and choices and hopefully they don’t choose the socialist nanny state route again. fricking retared.

  24. toweronepower Says:

    Daniel Hannan is not an MP he is an MEP. Please amend your description of the video.

  25. CoBRA0245 Says:

    Lol at the delay

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