Brian Gerrish on Alex Jones Tv 2/3:The Truth About The Common Purpose Group in The UK

Pin It Alex welcomes former naval officer and anti-submarine warfare expert Brian Gerrish to discuss Common Purpose, a sinister quasi-political “charity” that has infiltrated the UK power structure as part of its agenda to “re-engineer” society. Gerrish will also discuss the preparations for martial law and staged riots.

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  1. clizzymoto Says:

    It’s so funny to me and I always wonder why people try sooo hard to discredit any information that’s contrary to mainstream belief. Like Loonwolf said, if Brian’s claim have no validity and are “delusional” the truth will expose itself. The information he’s offering atleast deserves some looking into. The national media never covers subjects like this but the can find some city official who’s not paying his parking tickets or some other b.s. that doesn’t really matter in life.

  2. relarerfhjk Says:

    @TheLoonwolf ahahaha please stop boring us, these videos will be sorted, they are obviously contributing to alot of ignorance

  3. relarerfhjk Says:

    @TheLoonwolf Gerrish is a nasty wanker, spreading filth. Has he polluted your mind with his foul theories?

  4. TheLoonwolf Says:

    Sorry Mr. Jones if I cause your channel trouble by arguing with this obvious Common Purpose graduate, but I know you’ll fight to keep this information up if they try to get it removed.

  5. TheLoonwolf Says:

    @relarerfhjk All they have been able to remove has been what they claimed by copyright.

  6. TheLoonwolf Says:

    @relarerfhjk The same way Common Purpose have tried to remove Brian Gerrish’s other stuff, but have been unable to remove most of it because IT DOES NOT CONTAIN LIES.

  7. relarerfhjk Says:

    @TheLoonwolf this video is a terms of use violation. If a video spread malicious lies about the NSPCC, or Oxfam it wouldnt be tolerated

  8. TheLoonwolf Says:

    @relarerfhjk My comments on your channel had NOTHING TO DO with “lunatic conspiracy theories”. All I said was “research Common Purpose, DEMOS and The Fabian Society”. How is that a conspiracy theory? I was simply telling people to research some organisations, and said nothing about what they are or why they should be researched.

  9. relarerfhjk Says:

    @TheLoonwolf Common Purpose are just a charity helping people, like any other, its only delusionals who believe they are some nasty worldwide front aiming to kill mankind. Honestly, I dont know how people like you feel able to go ouside your front door, without worrying that the shopkeeper, your local doctor, or teacher are all part of a secret Satanist sect. Relax, grow up and get over the paranoia

  10. relarerfhjk Says:

    @TheLoonwolf you can call me the anti-spammer lol

  11. TheLoonwolf Says:

    @relarerfhjk If you believed in freedom of thought, freedom of speech and had no worries about people looking into these groups you would have let my comments stay on your channel.
    Why are you so worried about people looking into what you claim is a “good charity”?

    And now you are threatening the further reoval of freedom by trying to get videos like this removed from Youtube. If Common Purpose is harmless then videos like this will clearly be shown to be wrong and discredited.

  12. relarerfhjk Says:

    @TheLoonwolf LOL all i proved was that I don’t want my channel being spammed with ridiculous conspiracy theories, and links to unreliable Wikipdia entries about other ridiculous conspiracy theories

  13. TheLoonwolf Says:

    @relarerfhjk Wow, now in addition to the post with direct links to Wikipedia, you’ve deleted my two posts on your channel page where I merely mention to research Common Purpose, Fabian Society and DEMOS. What did I say, prove you are connected to Common Purpose by removing my mentions of them on your channel?
    What did you do?
    You proved you are connected to Common Purpose!

  14. relarerfhjk Says:

    @TheLoonwolf Yea logos are just a bit of fun, Blair and the others are moderate centre-ground politicians, not secret evil dictators, grow up!

  15. relarerfhjk Says:

    @TheLoonwolf You are a spammer, and a delusional nutjob, if you dont stop spamming Youtube with your ridiculous theories, I will have to report these videos. I removed your comment, because I dont want people thinking my channel is associated with lunatic conspiracy theories

  16. relarerfhjk Says:

    @TheLoonwolf oh stop it, you conspiracy nut. CP are a good charity helping people get careers, and bringing about equality and divrsity. You are a loon, and your nasty malicious rumours are very dangerous, get off the internet and get out there and enjoy life, stop boring us to tears with your paranoia

  17. TheLoonwolf Says:


  18. TheLoonwolf Says:

    @relarerfhjk I’ve just posted a comment giving links to the harmless Wikipedia pages about these three organisations. And just minutes later you have ALREADY removed it. I’ll add it again. IF YOU REMOVE IT AGAIN YOU PROVE YOU DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO LOOK AT THESE THINGS.

  19. TheLoonwolf Says:

    @relarerfhjk I’ve also postd a comment asking people to research The Fabian Society and DEMOS. If you have no hidden motive you will allow these harmless comments to remain on your channel page.

  20. TheLoonwolf Says:

    @relarerfhjk If you are indeed not working for Common Purpose, prove it by NOT deleting my comment on your channel again, telling people to research Common Purpose.

    It’s now a harmless comment, simply asking people to do what any open minded person would do, researching this “harmless charity.”

  21. TheLoonwolf Says:

    @relarerfhjk You don’t have to enter into dialogue, as I pointed out at the start you should just go away. In fact that’s not even what you are really doing, you are just calling people loons, and ignoring what they say.

    Common Purpose doesn’t pay their recruits, rather people have to pay to get the training. They are just brainwashed, and loyal to the organisation and other members.

  22. relarerfhjk Says:

    @TheLoonwolf hahahahaha I’m working for Common Purpose/ Can you ask them to give me a pay rise, in that case, for having to enter dialogue with loons such as yourself? LOL you really are a paranoid nutcase. Lay off the Valium sir

  23. Tiffanycoloureduggs Says:

    @Tiffanycoloureduggs yep-im a loon, just carry on sleeping babe, because there is no point in arguing with individuals such as yourself, i hope the truth finds you sooner rather than later………………

  24. TheLoonwolf Says:

    @relarerfhjk “It’s just a funny logo”, because logos are meaningless, eh? Just some random picture. Look at where they got the name ‘Fabian’ for it as well (not you of course, but others).

  25. TheLoonwolf Says:

    @relarerfhjk Wow, that was a lot of investigation! You reply just a few minutes later with your conclusion. I’m talking about EVERYTHING. I can see any attempts to argue with you are pointless. If you had just done what I said you would not need to ask the questions because you would already know the answers. Though I suspect you DO in fact know the answers already. The 1960’s? I’m talking about NOW.

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