Born Yesterday (Instrumental) – Rob Dougan

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“Born Yesterday (Instrumental)”, by Rob Dougan, from the album Furious Angels. Image: “Empyrean”, by Greg Martin.

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  1. 03iamhopeless Says:

    Top gear 😀

  2. Serouisly Says:

    @BioShnog dude yes! Snipers!

  3. randomutubejunk Says:

    Now that’s epic.

  4. HardcoreGamer10000 Says:

    can I use this in one of my songs?

  5. BioShnog Says:

    @VashCow oh, and thank you!

  6. BioShnog Says:

    @VashCow Nope. It was just a random thought…

  7. VashCow Says:

    @BioShnog Hmmmm u a book writer ? 😛 thats actualy really decent man! lol

  8. Wortwechsel187 Says:

    B Unique

  9. BioShnog Says:

    one by one, soldiers fall dead in the cold snow. I feel the cold heartless clicks of the trigger on my silenced M700 sniper rifle. My feelings for human life have been long lost, the once white snowy plains are stained with an eternal red color. I’m under the protection of my snow ghillie camoflauge. The bodies of the soldiers will leave an eternal scar on the earth’s surface. With no friends or family still alive I walk alone…

    well that’s just a thought I had while listening to this song…

  10. grigoinc Says:

    love the piano!

  11. shanil857 Says:

    werid didnt dislike this vid they was to busy liking this vid like crazy1!!!

  12. shanil857 Says:

    this is so smooth this song make me relax

  13. ORTmusic Says:

    Hey everybody – I just released my solo album “Mirror Image” that contains upbeat electronic music (and ambient songs) heavily inspired by the music of Rob Dougan. If you’re interested you can check out the songs on my youtube page, and links to my myspace page and places to download the full album are on my youtube channel as well 🙂 .

  14. Bringerd95 Says:

    i stand in the in freezing cold artic waiste land….with my blade in my left and my prized possesion in my right…i raise my right arm….i look at what hold dear to me and remind myself why i fight..why i struggle to become the strongest….why i will die for the people i love….and with 1 swift movement i go in for the attack…the creature jumps in sycronization with me….and the moment we come in contact a white light blinds all………

  15. RyanOrteez Says:

    This kinda reminds me of the Blanka(Street Fighter) theme song in a few parts of it

  16. Hoffnung02 Says:

    This relaxes me so much it makes me sleepy.

  17. Deathflare56 Says:

    When your hear this, you simply…close your eyes and drift…

  18. 6V92TA Says:

    @TrAcI419 Youtube downloader…..

  19. jonniemango Says:

    i might use this for my Parkour show reel

  20. bobfromspeedway1 Says:

    @bounceeer What do you mean? My misspelling or my location mistake?

  21. thecinemaoferic Says:

    Thanks for the upload. A breathtaking piece, for sure.

  22. CodyRimes Says:

    One of the most cinematic and epic songs ever.

    You could walk in slow motion to this. With a camera behind you watching walk towards the sunset.

  23. TrAcI419 Says:

    @GmRebelliousV ok thanks

  24. GmRebelliousV Says:

    @TrAcI419 get the furious angels album… this version is included in CD2

  25. TrAcI419 Says:

    hi i can’t find the instrumental they only have the regular song how can i get this?

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