Book Review – Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

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Floyd, the lead trader at OEX Options ( does a book review on Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefèvre * A history book by one of the most successful traders of all time, Jesse Livermore. Nothing has changed at all from when this classic was written. Buy this book here:

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  1. examinfo Says:

    The book that Jesse Livermore(1877-1940) authored (which is a classic) is called “How to trade in stocks” (1940). Lefevre was not Livermore, but a real living breathing journalist (1871-1943). Lefevre`s book is actually a fictionalized account based on Livermore. This is not to take anything away from this classic work; but only to set the record straight.

  2. markhmoodalee Says:

    Wow! I bet you got to hear lots of good stories from him.

  3. jp827855 Says:

    I have to tip my hat to Mr. Lefevre, That book was the best book I’ve read, hands down. The book was only good due to such a good author’s writing, It’s amazing that the man himself wasn’t a trader, I read the book over again after finding that out, and still couldn’t tell he wasn’t invested himself, amazing how good he got it down.


  4. vtgrowlbear Says:

    Edwin Lefevre was a reporter for the saturday evening post, not jesse livermore. He never invested himself in the stock market, just wrote about those that did. So sorry to contradict the author of this video but i know, Edwin Lefevre was my grandfather who wrote and lived in Dorset Vermont

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