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  1. traynickel Says:

    @xychr0 Bob Chapman is a former military intelligence specialist, who lives out of the country and provides inside information on the economy and the illuminati. He is one of the best. Writes the International Forecaster newsletter.

  2. xychr0 Says:

    Who is Bob Chapman?

  3. TheDigitalWeb Says:

    We can’t refinance our home because we’re “not in trouble”? WTF! We can’t reduce our interest rate to 4% from 6.25, because the greedy BASTARDS on Wall Street & Capitol Hill need their F()@%!&G Prostitution Money! O’Bahahahahama is LIAR! The WHOLE financial system is corrupt, and run by sickening, rotten to the core creatures that call themselves human beings. They’re not worth the air they breathe. I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire!

  4. nathuwjohn Says:

    Bar the doors Annie-yikes!

  5. traynickel Says:

    @rdority Jim Willie is the best. By Far.

  6. michielma Says:

    This thing may cause the SHTF big time… !

  7. centervilletn Says:

    look folks the “moritorium” on foreclosures is not to “protect” you it is to close the loopholes so you , the hens , cannot control the hen house. it is the fox that controls the hen house…its all to make sure the loopholes are sinched up…wake up folks…the government is against you..not for you, the banks are against you …its the people against them….fight or lie down and take it up the ass…thats the it or not.

  8. tyronebiggums3 Says:

    And it is very much appreciated Mr. traynickel. Thanks.
    And, yes, Willie is good.

  9. rdority Says:

    also be sure and read Ellen Brown, author of ‘Web of Debt’ as well as Richard C Cook, author of the book about the Challenger Disaster.

  10. rdority Says:

    read the article Thoreau, Rico & Mortgage Fraud
    by Jim Willie on Wed, 6 Oct 2010

  11. sinterminator Says:

    Thank you.
    Mike Maloney’s webpage !

  12. traynickel Says:

    @tyronebiggums3 and godlikeproduction. you know, i do what i can to inform the people who want to know the truth. bob chapman is good, but Jim Willie is the best tattle-tale on the planet.

  13. tyronebiggums3 Says:

    This video just got linked over at goldsilver d com.

  14. lovedthepurplejacket Says:

    ***** 5 star vid!

  15. tyronebiggums3 Says:

    B of A sent me the following e-mail:

    We appreciate your business, and want to make you aware of a change we have made to our online Bill Pay service.
    As of September 30, 2010, customers can no longer use their
    Bank of America® credit card to schedule payments to merchants through our online Bill Pay service.
    You may continue paying bills through our online Bill Pay service using a checking or money market saving account.
    Thank you for being a valued Bank of America customer.

  16. scanlonized Says:

    Bernacke just keeps giving them (banksters) anything they want. No need to pay the house note people… Hell 20% can’t do it anyway. stupid as hell to bail out the banks and the share holders. oh well, back to the bunker.

  17. odin422 Says:

    bout time, these A.G. are way behind guys like Bob, and Webster Tarpley has been calling for a moratorium on foreclosures longer than anyone on radio.

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