Blogging for Money Tips ? Is Zombie Blogging Dead?

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If you are a blogger, there are possibilities that you have heard of Zombie Blogging. If not, don’t bother your head, by the time you are through with reading this blogging for money tips, you’ll have an idea of what I mean. Now back to the question is Zombie Blogging dead or is it alive and well? Keep reading.

The reason why I came up with this issue is because a thread was started recently on the Warrior Forum where I often hang out in regard to Zombie Blogging. If you are utilizing Blogger blogs for this, after you hit four blogs or thereabout, you get contacted by the almighty Google requesting you to verify your phone number. Ok, this is not a big deal. I also understand why they are doing this, they want to cut down on spam but it seems that if you don’t confirm you end up losing your blog even if they appear to be legit. Also, it appears you require a Gmail account if you are on their radar.

What baffles me about this whole thing is. I have a Blogger account and I have over 10 blogs on it and I have never been asked to confirm my phone number and neither do I have a Gmail account. So I have no idea or whatsoever with these confirmations stuff. Perhaps it’s a new development. Either way, if you do this as instructed, there is no reason for your blogs to be shut down.

Alright, so what is Zombie Blogging all about? To cut long story short, it’s a way to have content drip fed into your blog on a frequent basis so that the blog builds up authority on the search engine over time and THEN, after it’s established, you monetize it and start reaping the benefit.

When dealing with Blogger as well as Google ensure you play by THEIR rules. Believe me, their rules are as hard as most people think. There priority is to have good content on their search engine. They don’t want the kind of crap that many folks offer. Be nice to Google and they’ll be nice to you, its just reciprocal.

Anyway, it might please you that Zombie Blogging is very much alive and it will probably continue to survive for a very long time. I hope you enjoy this blogging for money tips.

To YOUR Success,

John Benjamin

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